Monday, February 21, 2011

One, Two, Let's Begin.

The thing about posting infrequent posts is that I often forget about what I do, and what I want to write about. Yet I can't help but not post sometimes because I am getting more busy by the day. Between school, the release of Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and the revival of what may be my social life; I've been keeping myself busy. Honestly, I feel as though the world was waiting for me to turn 18. Maybe, life just didn't start until now; I'm not a kid anymore and I am growing in more ways than I can imagine.

Since my Birthday I have not actually done any drinking or used any of my 18+ abilities I gained, in fact I've been acting more and more like I did when I was 16. Maybe my mind is regressing or maybe it is just something new altogether. I'll most likely be going to the pub on Tuesday however, for Anna's birthday. Speaking of her, we have gotten over our differences and are fitting nicely as friends. The problem holding us back before was actually the same problem I had with Erin. The unwillingness to let go... I actually realized it after talking to Erin, now that we're friends again. So after letting it all out and severing that last tie, it allowed Anna and I to actually be friends, same as it happened with Erin again. Anna's got a lot to learn though haha, I've been giving her advice with this guy; the only time things really mess up is when she doesn't listen to me and goes out on her own. Its just one of those situations where love is a game, and you have to win if you want the prize.

As for winning, I mentioned Marvel vs. Capcom 3? The game I was extremely excited for? Turns out I'm amazing at the game and on the day after release, after killing my brother 20-2 I was hungry for more competition. We went down to Tubby's and I played some games with the best players in Calgary. Suffice to say, there was a tourney and I took first place (free meal, yeah!). Surprisingly I think that it would actually be plausible for me to do well at the tournament next month. First place is 70% of the entry pot + $500 cash. To be honest though, I've never actually competed live in person before so I don't know if the nerves will strike me. After all, one of the best MvC2 players in the world is coming, so like no pressure or anything. Either way, will be excited; I'm also excited to make everyone detest the game at Anna's party.

Anyways, for school I've started to read through and do the assignments for English, Psych, and Sociology. I won't be able to do much because I'll be locked down with this stuff, but I'll still try and be interesting hahaha. So the other day I went to an absolutely amazing Japanese restaurant called Kinjo. It was one of the best dining experiences I ever had, I went there with Anna on Saturday and it was packed. But due to my amazing luck two seats opened up at the sushi bar and we skipped the 30+ people line. First off was the way the bar was laid out, it was in a massive oval in the center of the building. The bar is wrapped around the actual kitchen where the staff cooks and cuts everything, then the cool thing is that in front of the bar table there is these plastic boats which float around carrying food all around the entire bar! The food was excellent, and the energy there was really friendly, with the staff constantly singing songs and publicly humiliating everyone. I actually ended up talking to the blonde next to me and her boyfriend, and it was actually really fun overall. I forgot how neat it is to talk to people you don't know.

Great times, and I'll be sure to post something after the party but for now I'm pretty tired, and just wanted to check in with my crap. =)

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Birthday!

A big day has passed I supposed and as such I found it fitting to return to my usual blogging which I've neglected. Yesterday was my birthday, in which was filled with games and just purely hanging out with the best of friends. I turned 18 and since that is legal age here, drank a little; however I honestly find that drinking isn't the biggest thing about turning legal. I've been to a lot of parties and drank underage a decent amount already; the main difference is only obvious when you actually become legal.

The main reason it was so different was the company and location played a large role as well. Honestly this was the first time I've ever had that relaxed experience. Ever been to a lounge? I do believe that prior with all my party drinking and such, nothing could of compared to the experience of just chatting, relaxing, drinking, and sharing a plate of oversized nachos. It was pretty cool, while originally planning to take my party to the bar; I decided against it later as I do have my entire life to experience that. Hahaha, the only part I didn't experience was the one where should ID me. I look like I'm 16 sometimes.

Beyond that it was really the only "adult" thing I did, I'm just too comfortable with my life as it stands right now. We paraded for the first time around the CrossIron Mills mall, and I was pleasantly finding myself pleased with the selection of shops. Everything was there, and we had all the time in the world to go to any shops we wanted to. We tried some wonderful burgers for lunch and shopped at multiple stores. I found my new clothing style (sorry wallet) which I'll update accordingly soon; and I also found what I would look like if I went to a pretentious private school. I wouldn't deny that I look alright, but I'm just so not used to it. Also my suit size increased by a lot hahaha, so it was all ridiculously uncomfortable.

On another page, I ventured for the first time last Wednesday to TubbyDog's, a hot dog restaurant in Uptown Calgary which specializes in unorthadox but incredibly delicious hot dogs. What made that night special was honestly the fact that TubbyDog hosted a fight night every wednesday for the fighting game community. By far, no joke there is some serious talent; I found people who are among the best in the country. There was also a lot more people than I had expected. The fighting game community has rapidly expanded since its revival with Street Fighter 4, with the last Canada Cup tournament with an attendance of 500 people and the expected doubled amount for this year. On the biggest note, the fight night sealed my decision on Marvel vs. Capcom 3; it was there to play a week early. And, upon playing it; was quite literally the best experience I've ever had playing a game immediately. What it might lack in the tactile metagame of street fighter it makes up for in sheer fun.

Next on the list of things to do is to prepare for Anna's party, she forced herself to have the party on a weekday for some odd reason instead of the weekend before and was about to cancel before I convinced her not to. Either way, its going to be another giant gaming bash followed by a night at the bar. Which I might attend, or not as I might not feel like it.

I do dislike posting this infrequently as I like to ramble on about certain things forever. But still. I'll try to remain constant hahaha, as to keep the posts shorter.