Tuesday, September 14, 2010

This is my 50TH post!


Just to let you guys know this post is probably going to be my longest yet. I'm going to be updating it through the day. So you can check back every few hours; or just wait til' tomorrow to get the full article. I'm going to make use of hide tags to separate sections. I'm going to try to do everything on that poll there at least once in this post. Tune in!

I want to let you guys know I'm writing a bunch of songs, its making me feel a bunch better just singing about all the crap in my life. To everyone else though I'm afraid that they'll think I'm too sappy or something (too late? lol) so they'll probably never see any publicity. When I'm finished something I'll only give the track to people who want to hear my atrocious singing =). Once I get my recording dongle back, I'll record like a beast.

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