Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Future? Nah, too complicated.

One thing I haven't been doing much in my life recently that I always have has been thinking about the future. I don't think about the past anymore, just because I've forgotten it so well. Now it might be time to begin thinking about my future. I need to know what I have to do; I'm not the kind of person to just sit around and let things happen.

Surprisingly, I still hold much faith in my almost forsaken admission. While the University HAS received my final transcript, my admission is still hovering over the maybe section. FOUR days from the first day of classes. Either they aren't doing their jobs right (lucky me) or I really do have divine intervention on my side (lucky me =D). Basically the school has about 3 days (Today, Tomorrow, and Friday) to email me my confirmation or cancellation (or update it on my student center). If they don't I might just throw a party. 

Even if its short lived IF my admission goes through even in the slightest I'm attending classes as normal. I at least want to SEE what my classes are. =). Just to portray my excitement and sate your curiosity I'm going to post my schedule here. A little haphazard but my schedule works around me well.
Psych 205, Japanese 205, Greek & Roman Studies 209 (Mythology), Philosophy 279 (Logic), Astronomy 207

Not going to even bother posting the times for my classes since they vary day by day. For example, my Monday starts at 9:00am with Psych 205 and I finish with Logic at 4:15pm. Seems simple enough; other than the fact that my Psych and Japanese class are spaced out nearly THREE hours apart. o_o. My Tuesday doesn't even have Psych so I don't start til' 1:00pm, then the other messed up part about my Tuesday is that my only other class is Astrology. 

BASICALLY if that was confusing for you. I have Psych about 4 times a week (50 mins), Japanese 5 times a week (50 mins), Greek & Roman Studies 3 times a week (50 mins), Logic 3 times a week (75 mins), and Astrology 2 times a week (75 mins). 

So technically I go to classes for maybe 3-5 hours a day; at random times during the day. If I didn't live on campus that would be hell. Speaking of which I still don't know who my roommate is. Whoever she is, she's probably enjoying the room to herself since move in was 2 days ago. I'll go check now...

Well the Residence Services paired me up with someone alright but... its using screen names, so right now all I know is that I'm in the newly renovated building sharing a room with a krcd92. Thanks for the vagueness and the utter inability to stalk beforehand. >_>. I'll surprise him/her (no way to tell now) hopefully on monday when I randomly show. 

I've been recently feeling like crap about everything, but all of a sudden I feel good; don't know why its like someone gave me a hug and made me feel better. So in the meanwhile I'll say what I have planned for finishing my High School courses. As far as I know, I'll need to take 2 courses to sate my requirements; since I lost out on one credit from CommTech. Physics 30 is like set in stone so I'll need something else; I'm thinking Psych, since that would make sense? Then depending on how University pans out I may or may not have to retake something like Math. 

At this current point in time... 5:36am; I don't think I actually will go to sleep. Will just stay up now... Yep. What to do... I'm cold. Guess I'll just sign on to Msn and hope one of my contacts is on; but of course I did the ridiculous task of diminishing my friends list from 212 to 5, so it'll hard.

Either way I'm basically done talking for now so k'peace.
Oh and I don't know if any of you remember Central Seven? If any of you do you'll remember the scheme everyone thought of for me to take them down. Apparently it caused quite the buzz at the time, and they were actually trying to find me. They genuinely thought that I was going to sleep with 7 total strangers just to break up some clique? Still, doesn't hurt to know that for some random reason, my legend spread to central even more when I left. 

Also, apparently a girl who is now a Senior claimed to actually of known me, and slept with me. I know for a fact I never did anything of the sort with someone from Central, I was very deliberate. But, my sources are reliable... but it still makes me go wtf.

God I feel like I could keep writing forever. But I won't. At least until I get back from... another story for another time. LOL I got to learnt to stfu.

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  1. I remember Central 7! Haha those girls were hot!