Sunday, September 12, 2010

Wow that was a long break

So a few days later I'm back. All the stuff I said about everything, including my feelings is true. But I've still decided to continue writing this blog; regardless of how pointless I feel it is. My reason for continuing is a little silly I have to admit but I might as well tell you guys.

I've mentioned Ryan before, my little disciple Ryan (I need to give him a prefix or something to distinguish him lols). Anyways, the guy has headfirst followed every single piece of advice I had ever given him, never has he really questioned it other than for understanding. So a day after I said I'd be going off because I couldn't find the help I sought, he emailed me. Suffice to say I didn't even read the email til today, I was actually kind of fearful.

Now I understand the reason why people are so reluctant for my advice; they feel that they are maybe not ready to leave their crappy state, that getting help from someone else is just a shortcut and that they need to tough it out on their own to learn their lesson. Most of all, I felt like I didn't want to get better.

So I thought about it for a while; and haha I loaded up this posting page before I even started reading that email. Throughout my thoughts I figured that the best person to give advice to me was me; and I know how I help people. So I thought I might as well skip a stage and try to write, try to cheer up a bit. Force myself to do something. Damn that kid, he's becoming a menace; too good. I have two choices, continue teaching him the rights and wrongs I've lived... or kill him. =)

So for now we'll see how it goes... now for the actual what I did part of the blog...

Yesterday, I went to a party in west hills, it was thrown by a friend of Cadence; and she invited me so I figured what the hell. I basically stuck with her the whole eve, but she forcefully introduced me; after a while I found myself settling back in to that "charm" everyone is always talking about. I didn't leave with a number or a girl on my arm *gasp*; but I did feel a lot better about myself. Around 10pm my Co-Worker Chrissy (lol) texted me; this is pretty crazy since not many people text me just to talk about random stuff.

I enjoyed my conversation with her, I'm starting to like her a lot; her personality is fun like Ashleigh's. A girl that looks like a do-good but shes really kind of badass once you get to know her. I'm not going anywhere close to saying I actually like her, and I figure that she's trying to get my attention. I might sound arrogant thinking she already likes me, but honestly; the whole 'I don't know' thing with Alex really spun me around.

Allow me to give everyone some good advice. If you think she likes you, or someone else thinks so... or both... She probably does!

So do yourself a favor and learn from my mistake. Go for it before its too late; as I was kind of attempting to discuss with Anna earlier, unless a girl thinks that you're the prince charming; she's not going to stay interested in you for long. Just how long? Heres the problem. Usually most of us guys get the confidence to ask a girl out, or show that we like her when we get comfortable... however this is not good... because by the time guys get their confidence, is the time they start losing interest... THATS when you start hearing things like "I was just being friendly" and "I'm not interested in that right now". So unless you really disgusted her (trust me you'll know...) she'll have at least the smallest bit of interest in you.

Let me break it down for you... whenever we see or learn about something new, it almost always catches our interest, if only just for a little while. That's the time to make yourself look good... show off that charm, that humor and the interest grows. Then you just have to have the confidence to show her that you like her (or tell her!). Sound familiar? It should... that's exactly how you make a sale in retail as well.

Hope that blew some minds out there.
Sorry if I seemed to decide all of a sudden to become a love guru. I just figure that, well this was the part of my life that caused me the most grief. And I don't want ANYONE I know to go through the same shit. The world of dating and girlfriends is so unknown at first, I'm just lucky enough to have gone through so much already so I figure I might as well just guide you guys down the path too lol.

If you want more shit like this, tell me. I love to talk about this. I of course post at my own rate but I'm sure it will help some of my readers, and they'll want a lot more. *AHEM* Kevin *AHEM*.

So I`ll write something later but for now, this is what I got.... lol.

See you soon o.o

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