Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Should I even bother going to sleep hahaha.

Hello to all of you from my words at 5am. I'm still not asleep! WONDERFUL. I actually lost track of time talking to Janelle, because at the time it was like 8pm there so we could talk un-inhibited. So I am honestly debating whether or not to sleep right now, I do actually have things to do in the morning hahaha. Even though my roommate's excessive moving sure makes it impossible to even concentrate on this blog. Might just have to smack a bitch, =O.

Anyways one thing that has surprised me about my blog, is that I actually started posting again without telling anyone, and nobody knew about it but Ryan (the one who wondered why I stopped). For some odd reason, I now have MORE readers than I did before. Also, to add onto that almost ALL my readers from before hopped back onto my blog posts. I am surprised; even more so that today alone I have more views from RUSSIA than I do in CANADA where I LIVE. Also this week I have more views from Europe (where I have no friends hahaha) than I do from the USA (where I do have friends lol). What's even more amazing is when I switch to ALL TIME views, the third most country which views my blog is actually Russia. No doubt, I love the internet, people who never even met me are actually following my life? Wow. In case you guys wanted to know specifics, in order of views it goes: United States (WTF LOL), Canada (hahaha fail), Russia, Germany, UK, Brazil (o.o), Poland, Israel (...what?), Latvia, and the Netherlands. Also cool is my most read post is also my shortest, and most whiniest. Most read at 109 views w00t w00t!

So you know whats been on my mind lately? Other than the sudden popularity rush, its like I'm foreign or something. I actually thought about going and getting my job back... Suffice to say they actually love me, and after I actually bumped into the District Manager in Chinook Mall, he was happy to see me and specifically told me that I should just talk to my old manager to get my job back. Now I'm thinking a bit on it, while the job restricts my freedom, it would also give me the money to travel, buy gifts, and most of all EAT. I know I seem spoiled or something rejecting a job when no one else can get one, but seriously. If you know me, you know I can't commit to ANYTHING. 3 months at my jobs and I'm ready to shoot myself to get out. Bah, I need VARIETY. Or easy money, like if I could make 6 figures off of this blog then I would be set. Gahaha, fat chance lol; for one I've only made 11 bucks in the entire lifespan of this blog, and its impossible now that I actually REMOVED the ads... XP.

Also this might seem weird, but I wish I had someone... (oh god not this shit again!)... to cook for. LOL seriously that's what I actually wish at this current moment. You should know I hate my family and all, but I miss that time when I actually loved cooking for others, and also the time where everyone was like OMFGWTFBBQ YOU CAN COOK? I remember one time when my parents were on holiday, and I took a girl named Corill back to the house and made FROM SCRATCH fettuccine alfredo, which is quite a feat to the ladies. I know my chef friend in particular is going to scoff and be all like "Fettucine? I could make Ambrosia from my own blood!" but to that I say DAMN that's TOO GOOD. Anyways the point of the story is not what happened after that, which was totally g-rated like watching spongebob and diving into a pool full of sharks; but the point actually is that I felt just fucking wonderful because she would always just stare in awe like I was lifting a house or something.

Oh wow I talk a lot don't I. Also talking about food at 5 AM makes me really damn hungry, so I think I'll try to stuff it with sleep or something soon hahaha. I'll be responding to comments (uh, comment.) Yes well, I think that I am wonderful and you should all give me presents. No seriously I want 20 presents for me under my Chrismas tree. Or 20 Slaves.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Guess she's an Xbox, and I'm an Atari

Another great evening for a 2am blog post. Holy hell am I a night hawk or what. Weekend's came to a close now and I have to say what a relaxing weekend. I bought some gifts already for two people, and I sure hope they enjoy around Christmas time. So anyways today was like "everyone who hasn't talked to Chris in a while, talk to him all at once!" day. Ahaha, that makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. So anyways I was just enjoying my morning cup of tea and staring out at the vast amount of snow outside the window when my phone buzzed. That began my day.

"Hey there! How are you doing? How's the girlie friends?" was the first one. I swear I had a stalker at first, because I didn't recognize the number. Then I remembered I cleared everyone off my contacts while in Sydney. Speaking of which I guess I'll get side-tracked and make things more clear later, kay guys? Anyways, after a while of playing who's who, I found out it was Brittany Bacon, it took a while because she was content on leaving it at "Its Brittany, your ex" which confused me. Brittany is a common name after all, and so we talked about things and caught up. I never really answered her question about the girlfriends, but there isn't much to answer. I don't have any, I love being single; doing what I want, when I want. I did say the same thing 6 months ago though when I became single LOL. So we chatted things up, promised to make plans and all. It was very pleasant, she was obviously very happy with her life as it was going; so someday I'm going to meet her and her girlfriend Logan, and well I'm sure that will be a hoot.

So a piece of news that I'm particularly happy about is that someone else talked to me today that hasn't talked to me in a year and a half. Lynz! The majority of you don't know her, and only if you been a big fan of me since forever would you actually know. She was my next door neighbor ever since I moved here to Riverbend back like ten years ago (WOW LONG TIME). So anyways around lunch time (what would be dinner time for normal folks) my phone rang. Yes actually rang, its been ages since someone actually CALLED me. I'd like to say I recognized the voice right away but no I didn't, also I'm surprised I actually picked up because the area code was real foreign. I'd also like to say I kept my cool during the call but I didn't I was kind of hyper and walked everywhere. Anyways, so she's coming back to Calgary for a family visit over the Christmas holidays. I am so fucking ecstatic, I finally learned the reason she never talked to me after moving. She moved to Verona, Italy and has since been going to school in the University in Venezia. I'm jealous, SERIOUSLY. When she finally got a laptop and internet there was around the time I closed my Facebook, so she simply couldn't find me. But she said she got my number off of one of my friends. Can't wait DOODS

Last but not least, I don't know if you guys have actually noticed, but when you leave comments on my blogs I actually respond to them in that area too, I hate not replying so chances are I replied to your comment. I do remember back when I responded to a comment through MSN, but those times are kind of over because Ryan constantly gives me an earful about me never leaving comments anywhere lol. The only comment I probably never responded too was one that Ryan left a while ago "I remember Central 7! Haha those girls were hot!" And to that I say, yes they are good sir; yes they are.They were and probably still are the envy of all the school.

BEYOND GETTING SIDETRACKED LIKE I HAS ADD, a couple of blog posts ago I had anonymous respond to one of my blogs. Anyways, it turns out its a girl and that she knows me. The problem is that although I have an idea of who it is, ms. Mysterious Lady is being very cryptic. Saying that she still is my friend, meaning that we had issues before (big surprise eh lolol) and that she's checking on how I'm doing; which could mean she wants to kill me. EEP. Or not. Haha, I can think of a few girls who might still think of me occasionally, want me dead, or just want to fuck with me (NO). Then again I can think of one particular immature teenager that would just do it for shits and giggles. So basically, Ms. Mysterious Lady; if you really are a lady haha, you have caught my attention; which as of late is hard to do. Grats I'd give you a cookie if you'd reveal yourself. LOL.

Oh and someone asked me if I could explain why I choose the titles I choose. Well, I'll explain my most recent ones.
Just up'in there frontin' was something that a friend said that made me laugh, why did it make me laugh? Because she was clearly trying to be black/cool (not sure LOL) when she's not.
Hello mysterious Man/Lady was a direct reference to the mysterious lady who made an appearance in the comments of the last post.
Hello Everybody Once Again isn't very interesting other than the fact that I sat on this title for about a minute wondering why I chose to capitalize every word (yeah I'm that odd).
Hello Pictochat I love doodles is just fucking random, I thought pictochat and doodling and gave birth to the title. Then I thought about what you guys would think, but to be honest I haven't even used my DS in like 3 months.
Guess she's an Xbox, and I'm an Atari is a lyric from a song, and not me being fucking whiny in a witty way LOL. If you guys have the time or want to listen to a nifty song, check out "Fuck You" by Cee Lo Green. If you want the radio-friendly one, then check out "Forget You" if you do want to look at Forget You then I suggest searching for the Glee one, since its much better than Cee Lo's forget you.

So that's what's going on with me today everyone, I guess I'll see you tomorrow!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello Pictochat I love doodles.

I'm starting to think that I'll never be able to find a specific blog post if I keep writing random titles. Whatever. Hello world, it is currently 2:05 AM right here in Calgary-land, and I should be asleep! But I'm not, so I'm going to post this blog like I have nothing better to do.

My sleep schedule is pretty messed up right now and continuing to be so, because I'm not taking a single step in changing it. In fact today I woke up at noon because my brother woke me up so he could show me that he got 100% on challenges in BlazBlue for one of the characters, that's terrific because those challenges are so goddamn hard I cant honestly do very many of them myself. So I went upstairs, brushed my teeth, ate some below average food... To you douches who think that I'm an ass for disliking food someone else made for me, well If I wasn't so damn lazy waking up extremely late and the food wasn't already made for me I'd make my own food. Which tastes better and the omelettes don't have slices of hot dog and other assorted plants inside of it, and a heaping of 3 month or more old cheese frozen and unfrozen a hundred times. ANYWAYS, after that I was tired so I went back to sleep for 3 hours.

Phew, okay so I woke up and lol'd at the time I spent asleep so I decided to pop onto the internet. My weekends are usually dull as I'm at home with my family so all I really want to do is hide in my room. Which is perfectly fine. So I popped up the laptop and to my (very minimal) surprise I was bombarded by messenger messages and the like. I don't mind the attention, in fact I LOVE it, so I take the nice where have you beens very nicely. My favorite people to talk to currently, because I am so arrogant that I can pick favorites, have to be...

Dan because all he does is complement me and say how godlike I am, and how much he's turning into a mini-me. Which is totally cool because I'm the pinnacle of human evolution and all. I gave him advice constantly over the past few years about things like popularity, girls, and general sociality. Back then he was pretty hostile but after taking my advice and me just fucking ignoring him, hes a lot more cool; and humble. Which is good, humility is a good thing when talking to your superiors. GAHAHAHA.

I also enjoy talking to Ryan, mainly because he keeps me on track with the good stuff; like running this damn blog; which I know is like medicine to some of you so thank him. He's another guy who's gotten a lot of my advice, but is not even close to what Dan got from it. He became a much better human being altogether, he's kind, fun to talk to and more than everything actually has a good brain in his head. So basically all in all, I taught Dan how to be like me in a social sense; and Ryan how to be awesome. Don't get me wrong though, Ryan's not wallpaper at being sociable either, he just lies a lot less than Dan. If its Ryan who's reading this though, don't inflate yourself just yet.. you're still a moron compared to me. GAHAHAHAHA.

I'm too awesome. I'm going to take a chill pill now because I feel like I'm on crack right now. And tomorrow I'll probably want to delete this post. GAHAHAHA.

Anyways I was bored so I decided to add more onto this post after reading my email. Someone sent me a couple of questions through email! YAY. If you guys didn't know, I love answering questions, whether or not you want me to post the answers to them on my blog is your choice, I won't post your name. Send it off to chris.musico.o@gmail.com ; anyways!
What's your favorite place to visit in sydney?
Nice question, I like the way you don't capitalize Sydney. Anyways I'm tied between the Opera House which is just flipping beautiful and cultured, or the piers. The water just looks so clean and it is awesome having a dinner at night on the pier.
I know you said you met some people while you were there do you still talk to them?
The only person I still talk to is Janelle, I in fact talked to her today over the internets; one thing I found really cool is that University classes allow you to have things like cellphones and laptops so I basically get to talk to her as long as she's awake. She's a pretty cool person.
what do you think of long distance gfs?
I think its cool? Well, its a pain in the ass to be honest. Never go for one unless you see each other often. Like every weekend often. What happens is (at least for me) you miss them so badly that eventually it becomes that you just feel lonely, and when that happens you tend to cheat on them. Also you tend to make up for lack of personal time by talking to them via phone and internet, which can eat away at your free time. So I think no no.
what christmas gifts are you going to get people?
Well, to be honest I never really gave a lot of Christmas gifts to people. Just because I don't know what to get them, thats why I usually only give them to the people I really care about. Money is tight right now for me, for obvious reasons; but I'm trying to get a lot of gifts regardless. Nostalgia is the theme I'm trying to go for, for some people. Other than that taking them out for a nice day is a great idea. I like to hang out with people I usually don't, take a tour downtown on a snowy day, go to the zoo and stuff.

Okay so that was my first time answering questions, I hope I didn't bore you guys haha. Anyways I did notice I turned every question into like an advice thing, guess thats just how I am. Like I always say, if you don't like it don't read it, and then tell me about it; my blogs are way too fucking long anyways.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hello Everybody Once Again!

Hmmm, an hour past midnight. I remember this was when I usually posted a blog; usually its because my roommate would be asleep by this time as is the case. I figure you guys like it when you can wake up to a new post every morning, which makes me feel happy inside hahaha.

So some of you must be dying to know what I've been up to, what I've been thinking. Also, some of you harass me through email and offline messages that I don't talk about "this" and "that" enough. Well, honestly you guys have a right to full anonymity just drop down to the comments and drop one anonymously. I have no way of telling its you and no one else does either. Problem solved.

So what have I been up to recently? General web surfing, schoolwork, and games is what. I've been frequenting games more than anything, and keeping tabs on what I play is almost impossible. In the past week alone since I've been back, I've played Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, Gran Turismo 5, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Fire Emblem, Megaman Zero, and a bunch of assorted flash games.

At least one of you is thinking, what about music? Why haven't you talked about dusting off the ol' guitar and serenading your hot neighbor yet? Well two reasons, one my hot neighbor moved away over a year ago get with the times and that I haven't really felt like it. My musical ability is up to the point I can play whatever I want, and what I want is to record a song. More than that I want to collaborate with someone, I tried back in the summer to get Erin to do a song with me, but that didn't work out because she started ignoring me. Doesn't mean I pulled off of music though. I've been listening intently to a lot of good stuff. Mostly modern some oldies, but right now I'm in love with "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz; it reminds me of the good old days and you know... warm days.

One more issue I want to talk about is what University/College should I attend next year? I could go with my original plan of UofC but I don't know if I should just go somewhere new? I recently found out I fucking LOVE travelling so maybe its best to leave this city behind? I don't know, what do you guys think?

On a darker note, some of you might of seen through the happy sunshine vacation like I have and forgotten about what I sometimes remember. The reason why I even went on the vacation in the first place. I'll be honest. It was meant as a vacation at first, at first I meant to run away, to start a new life; I learned that there are things in my past just meant to stay buried and I've been trying my best to forget about it. So if you bring something up about "that one time" and I don't remember... its because I forgot about it, or I really want to. This doesn't mean don't talk to me about anything, it just means don't push me. For example, about 3 years ago I found a story that I loved, I followed the author intently waiting for the next sequel. The story was about a guy kinda just like me, the story is very happy at times and very sad at times. I just remembered this story and decided to check on the author to see if he wrote the next sequel. When I started reading, all of a sudden all the memories came rushing back; I started remembering the sad parts in the story, related to the sad parts in my life; to the horrific.

So I hereby promise to never ever, reminisce about anything that could even relate to something not remotely happy.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Hello Mysterious Man/Lady.

Hi everyone, posting another wonderful blog post today because I know you all love it. Also going to post up a poll about something so vote away. So Thanksgiving was yesterday in the USA, and Canada doesn't have it so I wasn't able to fatten myself up as much as I wanted to haha =).

Soo the topic today I guess would be expanding on what I talked about last time; since some of you wondered a lot of things. They were relatively about what else I did on vacation; you forgot to finish your thought on Brittany and Erin, and other things like that. So I guess I'll fix that shit up kay? =P.

Okay so an expansion of what happened with Brittany and Erin was that I texted Brittany first asking for help (I never really do this) because she was majoring in Psych. She wasn't very much help but told me to be honest, wow I never thought of that (seriously). So I texted Erin about the same deal, and got a favorable response and wasn't ignored. At the time I had serious breakdowns, I just wasn't me anymore and my life was running itself into the ground.

With Brittany I just kind of stopped talking to her, and she stopped talking to me. We basically both figured that we were done, that it was too awkward. I won't go into details but basically she slept with someone else while we were dating; and I basically took revenge in a kind of mean way months later. If you want to know details then ask me personally; I don't think she would be happy if she read this.

With Erin we talked for a while and she basically gave up on me. Well not exactly true but she pushed me further into the hell I was in (Until I met Janelle). We stopped talking after that, which wasn't a big deal to me anymore because I found that we had everything we could ever really have together. A relationship that I actually really wanted (even though it was rocky), a best friend I could have fun with, and lots of fun times which I can't talk about because I said I wouldn't (tehehehehe =) ). So yeah, I basically stopped talking with the both of them, I still wish I could hang with Erin because I had such a huge crush on her once upon a time; and it would be cool to relive that feeling. But I'm fine without it, its a pleasure unneeded.

Anyways, what else did I do on my vacation? Lots of tourism, lots of learning about the culture there. For one, its a lot more fun to walk down the street there than it is here. Its so vibrant, and the people are really fun to talk to. I met a girl and her nice family when visiting the Opera House for a play; they were really nice and showed me around the area around the opera house too. The opera house is the big thingy in Sydney that everyone has seen before in case you were wondering. I made so many new friends on the pier restaurant as well, as they were having a birthday party that I basically butted into. I did keep a journal while I was there too, but honestly it just has juicy details that only some of you care about. Still it was quite possibly the most fun I've EVER had. I never thought that travelling alone would be fun, and it would be terrifying but, if you have the social skills... a foreign country is the best place to use them xP.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Just up'in there frontin'

Heellllooo my extremely diminished following. Its been 2 months since the last post and some of you know where I went and some of you don't. Vacation. I figured it was about time that I had gotten one, so I spent that money that you know does nothing, pulled a string or two for a discount; and took a fucking vacation. If you're offended that I didn't tell you, then just know I didn't tell anyone about it. Unless they asked me.

Not because of my ego, but because it costs money for me to text out there. I ended up buying a international card so I can text for a while. The smart people, emailed me; some others texted me. But I'll get to that later. So anyways, I up and went off to Sydney. Always wanted to go there, and it was a better time then any seeing about how the chill was starting to roll in at the time. Over the course of being there I learned a lot about myself.

So the texts that I did send out were because I was trying to fix my wrongs, I figured that I can't just run away and forget about my problems, so I contacted the people I was avoiding for help. I asked Brittany and while she didn't help much she gave me some hope, and I talked to Erin who I was finally able to vent to. My problems were being thinned but they didn't go away. Not until I heard some keen advice.

I went to a local cafe late morning on a Tuesday to freeload the internet and figure out what I could do and thats where my life was basically turned around. I was going to buy coffee as well because jet lag has since forced it on me to stay alive. The line was large, incredibly large for a time so close to noon. Kind of irritated I voiced my confusion on the fullness of the small cafe. Lucky for me, there was a girl in front of me who turned to me and explained why. Basically the cafe was full around this time because class had let off about 10 minutes ago at the University.

Anyways the girl was cute and dressed fashionably despite looking a little warm in contrast to the hot weather (in my opinion). She already talked to me and the line was large so I figured why not keep talking. So we did, I found out she went to the University herself as a Philosophy major first year, and she found out I was foreign because of my distinguishably different English. We talked a while more, she elected that I walk her back to the campus, so I did. We talked about tons of things, our lives and everything like that, I dispelled as much preconceptions and myths she had about the west as she did for mine. I of course left out all the bits that made me look bad, but I'm guessing she did the same.

So the hour quickly ran past us and she had a Psych class to attend, so it was time for me to go explore campus. But she invited me into the class, which made me pretty happy to say the least. And it was there that I heard the words that set my life back on track. The lecture was on happiness for one, and I was really into the lesson. I still have notes I jotted down in my laptop. What hit me hard was when he distinguished a life of meaning, and a life of happiness. That if one chased after a life that has meaning to others, then they in turn became less happy. A life of happiness came from living in the moment. He also said "A happy person, has an active social life; be it with one person or twenty, they are surrounded by those who feel like the main attraction is you."

From there, all made sense. I read my blog again, and my journal and I found that I became more and more depressed the more I tried to gain that life of meaning. To reach University, to better myself; but none of that was done for myself, they were done for what others would think of me. I wanted to become a doctor so others would respect me, to better myself so that others could praise me. But I didn't do things for myself anymore,  I did them for the future. I realized you don't have to stop reaching that meaningful life to be happy, but that by being happy in the present; reaching that goal is just that much easier. And when I think of it, I did just meet a cute girl, go vacation where I wanted to, and go to University. It was a good day.

So I had a pretty good time after that, I literally rolled in my bed for half an hour smiling that night. From then on, I went all around touring Sydney, with Janelle and her friends or meeting other people to go with. I was never alone, and I realized that I don't have to ever be. So now, I'm back again; and I can't wait to go on another vacation. But I'll wait, for the summer at least. Australia has been cut off my list, my next destination? Probably Rome, Venice, Tokyo, or Paris.