Monday, November 29, 2010

Guess she's an Xbox, and I'm an Atari

Another great evening for a 2am blog post. Holy hell am I a night hawk or what. Weekend's came to a close now and I have to say what a relaxing weekend. I bought some gifts already for two people, and I sure hope they enjoy around Christmas time. So anyways today was like "everyone who hasn't talked to Chris in a while, talk to him all at once!" day. Ahaha, that makes me feel warm and fuzzy on the inside. So anyways I was just enjoying my morning cup of tea and staring out at the vast amount of snow outside the window when my phone buzzed. That began my day.

"Hey there! How are you doing? How's the girlie friends?" was the first one. I swear I had a stalker at first, because I didn't recognize the number. Then I remembered I cleared everyone off my contacts while in Sydney. Speaking of which I guess I'll get side-tracked and make things more clear later, kay guys? Anyways, after a while of playing who's who, I found out it was Brittany Bacon, it took a while because she was content on leaving it at "Its Brittany, your ex" which confused me. Brittany is a common name after all, and so we talked about things and caught up. I never really answered her question about the girlfriends, but there isn't much to answer. I don't have any, I love being single; doing what I want, when I want. I did say the same thing 6 months ago though when I became single LOL. So we chatted things up, promised to make plans and all. It was very pleasant, she was obviously very happy with her life as it was going; so someday I'm going to meet her and her girlfriend Logan, and well I'm sure that will be a hoot.

So a piece of news that I'm particularly happy about is that someone else talked to me today that hasn't talked to me in a year and a half. Lynz! The majority of you don't know her, and only if you been a big fan of me since forever would you actually know. She was my next door neighbor ever since I moved here to Riverbend back like ten years ago (WOW LONG TIME). So anyways around lunch time (what would be dinner time for normal folks) my phone rang. Yes actually rang, its been ages since someone actually CALLED me. I'd like to say I recognized the voice right away but no I didn't, also I'm surprised I actually picked up because the area code was real foreign. I'd also like to say I kept my cool during the call but I didn't I was kind of hyper and walked everywhere. Anyways, so she's coming back to Calgary for a family visit over the Christmas holidays. I am so fucking ecstatic, I finally learned the reason she never talked to me after moving. She moved to Verona, Italy and has since been going to school in the University in Venezia. I'm jealous, SERIOUSLY. When she finally got a laptop and internet there was around the time I closed my Facebook, so she simply couldn't find me. But she said she got my number off of one of my friends. Can't wait DOODS

Last but not least, I don't know if you guys have actually noticed, but when you leave comments on my blogs I actually respond to them in that area too, I hate not replying so chances are I replied to your comment. I do remember back when I responded to a comment through MSN, but those times are kind of over because Ryan constantly gives me an earful about me never leaving comments anywhere lol. The only comment I probably never responded too was one that Ryan left a while ago "I remember Central 7! Haha those girls were hot!" And to that I say, yes they are good sir; yes they are.They were and probably still are the envy of all the school.

BEYOND GETTING SIDETRACKED LIKE I HAS ADD, a couple of blog posts ago I had anonymous respond to one of my blogs. Anyways, it turns out its a girl and that she knows me. The problem is that although I have an idea of who it is, ms. Mysterious Lady is being very cryptic. Saying that she still is my friend, meaning that we had issues before (big surprise eh lolol) and that she's checking on how I'm doing; which could mean she wants to kill me. EEP. Or not. Haha, I can think of a few girls who might still think of me occasionally, want me dead, or just want to fuck with me (NO). Then again I can think of one particular immature teenager that would just do it for shits and giggles. So basically, Ms. Mysterious Lady; if you really are a lady haha, you have caught my attention; which as of late is hard to do. Grats I'd give you a cookie if you'd reveal yourself. LOL.

Oh and someone asked me if I could explain why I choose the titles I choose. Well, I'll explain my most recent ones.
Just up'in there frontin' was something that a friend said that made me laugh, why did it make me laugh? Because she was clearly trying to be black/cool (not sure LOL) when she's not.
Hello mysterious Man/Lady was a direct reference to the mysterious lady who made an appearance in the comments of the last post.
Hello Everybody Once Again isn't very interesting other than the fact that I sat on this title for about a minute wondering why I chose to capitalize every word (yeah I'm that odd).
Hello Pictochat I love doodles is just fucking random, I thought pictochat and doodling and gave birth to the title. Then I thought about what you guys would think, but to be honest I haven't even used my DS in like 3 months.
Guess she's an Xbox, and I'm an Atari is a lyric from a song, and not me being fucking whiny in a witty way LOL. If you guys have the time or want to listen to a nifty song, check out "Fuck You" by Cee Lo Green. If you want the radio-friendly one, then check out "Forget You" if you do want to look at Forget You then I suggest searching for the Glee one, since its much better than Cee Lo's forget you.

So that's what's going on with me today everyone, I guess I'll see you tomorrow!

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