Friday, November 26, 2010

Hello Mysterious Man/Lady.

Hi everyone, posting another wonderful blog post today because I know you all love it. Also going to post up a poll about something so vote away. So Thanksgiving was yesterday in the USA, and Canada doesn't have it so I wasn't able to fatten myself up as much as I wanted to haha =).

Soo the topic today I guess would be expanding on what I talked about last time; since some of you wondered a lot of things. They were relatively about what else I did on vacation; you forgot to finish your thought on Brittany and Erin, and other things like that. So I guess I'll fix that shit up kay? =P.

Okay so an expansion of what happened with Brittany and Erin was that I texted Brittany first asking for help (I never really do this) because she was majoring in Psych. She wasn't very much help but told me to be honest, wow I never thought of that (seriously). So I texted Erin about the same deal, and got a favorable response and wasn't ignored. At the time I had serious breakdowns, I just wasn't me anymore and my life was running itself into the ground.

With Brittany I just kind of stopped talking to her, and she stopped talking to me. We basically both figured that we were done, that it was too awkward. I won't go into details but basically she slept with someone else while we were dating; and I basically took revenge in a kind of mean way months later. If you want to know details then ask me personally; I don't think she would be happy if she read this.

With Erin we talked for a while and she basically gave up on me. Well not exactly true but she pushed me further into the hell I was in (Until I met Janelle). We stopped talking after that, which wasn't a big deal to me anymore because I found that we had everything we could ever really have together. A relationship that I actually really wanted (even though it was rocky), a best friend I could have fun with, and lots of fun times which I can't talk about because I said I wouldn't (tehehehehe =) ). So yeah, I basically stopped talking with the both of them, I still wish I could hang with Erin because I had such a huge crush on her once upon a time; and it would be cool to relive that feeling. But I'm fine without it, its a pleasure unneeded.

Anyways, what else did I do on my vacation? Lots of tourism, lots of learning about the culture there. For one, its a lot more fun to walk down the street there than it is here. Its so vibrant, and the people are really fun to talk to. I met a girl and her nice family when visiting the Opera House for a play; they were really nice and showed me around the area around the opera house too. The opera house is the big thingy in Sydney that everyone has seen before in case you were wondering. I made so many new friends on the pier restaurant as well, as they were having a birthday party that I basically butted into. I did keep a journal while I was there too, but honestly it just has juicy details that only some of you care about. Still it was quite possibly the most fun I've EVER had. I never thought that travelling alone would be fun, and it would be terrifying but, if you have the social skills... a foreign country is the best place to use them xP.

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