Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello Pictochat I love doodles.

I'm starting to think that I'll never be able to find a specific blog post if I keep writing random titles. Whatever. Hello world, it is currently 2:05 AM right here in Calgary-land, and I should be asleep! But I'm not, so I'm going to post this blog like I have nothing better to do.

My sleep schedule is pretty messed up right now and continuing to be so, because I'm not taking a single step in changing it. In fact today I woke up at noon because my brother woke me up so he could show me that he got 100% on challenges in BlazBlue for one of the characters, that's terrific because those challenges are so goddamn hard I cant honestly do very many of them myself. So I went upstairs, brushed my teeth, ate some below average food... To you douches who think that I'm an ass for disliking food someone else made for me, well If I wasn't so damn lazy waking up extremely late and the food wasn't already made for me I'd make my own food. Which tastes better and the omelettes don't have slices of hot dog and other assorted plants inside of it, and a heaping of 3 month or more old cheese frozen and unfrozen a hundred times. ANYWAYS, after that I was tired so I went back to sleep for 3 hours.

Phew, okay so I woke up and lol'd at the time I spent asleep so I decided to pop onto the internet. My weekends are usually dull as I'm at home with my family so all I really want to do is hide in my room. Which is perfectly fine. So I popped up the laptop and to my (very minimal) surprise I was bombarded by messenger messages and the like. I don't mind the attention, in fact I LOVE it, so I take the nice where have you beens very nicely. My favorite people to talk to currently, because I am so arrogant that I can pick favorites, have to be...

Dan because all he does is complement me and say how godlike I am, and how much he's turning into a mini-me. Which is totally cool because I'm the pinnacle of human evolution and all. I gave him advice constantly over the past few years about things like popularity, girls, and general sociality. Back then he was pretty hostile but after taking my advice and me just fucking ignoring him, hes a lot more cool; and humble. Which is good, humility is a good thing when talking to your superiors. GAHAHAHA.

I also enjoy talking to Ryan, mainly because he keeps me on track with the good stuff; like running this damn blog; which I know is like medicine to some of you so thank him. He's another guy who's gotten a lot of my advice, but is not even close to what Dan got from it. He became a much better human being altogether, he's kind, fun to talk to and more than everything actually has a good brain in his head. So basically all in all, I taught Dan how to be like me in a social sense; and Ryan how to be awesome. Don't get me wrong though, Ryan's not wallpaper at being sociable either, he just lies a lot less than Dan. If its Ryan who's reading this though, don't inflate yourself just yet.. you're still a moron compared to me. GAHAHAHAHA.

I'm too awesome. I'm going to take a chill pill now because I feel like I'm on crack right now. And tomorrow I'll probably want to delete this post. GAHAHAHA.

Anyways I was bored so I decided to add more onto this post after reading my email. Someone sent me a couple of questions through email! YAY. If you guys didn't know, I love answering questions, whether or not you want me to post the answers to them on my blog is your choice, I won't post your name. Send it off to ; anyways!
What's your favorite place to visit in sydney?
Nice question, I like the way you don't capitalize Sydney. Anyways I'm tied between the Opera House which is just flipping beautiful and cultured, or the piers. The water just looks so clean and it is awesome having a dinner at night on the pier.
I know you said you met some people while you were there do you still talk to them?
The only person I still talk to is Janelle, I in fact talked to her today over the internets; one thing I found really cool is that University classes allow you to have things like cellphones and laptops so I basically get to talk to her as long as she's awake. She's a pretty cool person.
what do you think of long distance gfs?
I think its cool? Well, its a pain in the ass to be honest. Never go for one unless you see each other often. Like every weekend often. What happens is (at least for me) you miss them so badly that eventually it becomes that you just feel lonely, and when that happens you tend to cheat on them. Also you tend to make up for lack of personal time by talking to them via phone and internet, which can eat away at your free time. So I think no no.
what christmas gifts are you going to get people?
Well, to be honest I never really gave a lot of Christmas gifts to people. Just because I don't know what to get them, thats why I usually only give them to the people I really care about. Money is tight right now for me, for obvious reasons; but I'm trying to get a lot of gifts regardless. Nostalgia is the theme I'm trying to go for, for some people. Other than that taking them out for a nice day is a great idea. I like to hang out with people I usually don't, take a tour downtown on a snowy day, go to the zoo and stuff.

Okay so that was my first time answering questions, I hope I didn't bore you guys haha. Anyways I did notice I turned every question into like an advice thing, guess thats just how I am. Like I always say, if you don't like it don't read it, and then tell me about it; my blogs are way too fucking long anyways.


  1. Fuuuuuuuuck Yooooooooooooou!

  2. I know who you are now. GAHAHAHAHA.