Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Should I even bother going to sleep hahaha.

Hello to all of you from my words at 5am. I'm still not asleep! WONDERFUL. I actually lost track of time talking to Janelle, because at the time it was like 8pm there so we could talk un-inhibited. So I am honestly debating whether or not to sleep right now, I do actually have things to do in the morning hahaha. Even though my roommate's excessive moving sure makes it impossible to even concentrate on this blog. Might just have to smack a bitch, =O.

Anyways one thing that has surprised me about my blog, is that I actually started posting again without telling anyone, and nobody knew about it but Ryan (the one who wondered why I stopped). For some odd reason, I now have MORE readers than I did before. Also, to add onto that almost ALL my readers from before hopped back onto my blog posts. I am surprised; even more so that today alone I have more views from RUSSIA than I do in CANADA where I LIVE. Also this week I have more views from Europe (where I have no friends hahaha) than I do from the USA (where I do have friends lol). What's even more amazing is when I switch to ALL TIME views, the third most country which views my blog is actually Russia. No doubt, I love the internet, people who never even met me are actually following my life? Wow. In case you guys wanted to know specifics, in order of views it goes: United States (WTF LOL), Canada (hahaha fail), Russia, Germany, UK, Brazil (o.o), Poland, Israel (...what?), Latvia, and the Netherlands. Also cool is my most read post is also my shortest, and most whiniest. Most read at 109 views w00t w00t!

So you know whats been on my mind lately? Other than the sudden popularity rush, its like I'm foreign or something. I actually thought about going and getting my job back... Suffice to say they actually love me, and after I actually bumped into the District Manager in Chinook Mall, he was happy to see me and specifically told me that I should just talk to my old manager to get my job back. Now I'm thinking a bit on it, while the job restricts my freedom, it would also give me the money to travel, buy gifts, and most of all EAT. I know I seem spoiled or something rejecting a job when no one else can get one, but seriously. If you know me, you know I can't commit to ANYTHING. 3 months at my jobs and I'm ready to shoot myself to get out. Bah, I need VARIETY. Or easy money, like if I could make 6 figures off of this blog then I would be set. Gahaha, fat chance lol; for one I've only made 11 bucks in the entire lifespan of this blog, and its impossible now that I actually REMOVED the ads... XP.

Also this might seem weird, but I wish I had someone... (oh god not this shit again!)... to cook for. LOL seriously that's what I actually wish at this current moment. You should know I hate my family and all, but I miss that time when I actually loved cooking for others, and also the time where everyone was like OMFGWTFBBQ YOU CAN COOK? I remember one time when my parents were on holiday, and I took a girl named Corill back to the house and made FROM SCRATCH fettuccine alfredo, which is quite a feat to the ladies. I know my chef friend in particular is going to scoff and be all like "Fettucine? I could make Ambrosia from my own blood!" but to that I say DAMN that's TOO GOOD. Anyways the point of the story is not what happened after that, which was totally g-rated like watching spongebob and diving into a pool full of sharks; but the point actually is that I felt just fucking wonderful because she would always just stare in awe like I was lifting a house or something.

Oh wow I talk a lot don't I. Also talking about food at 5 AM makes me really damn hungry, so I think I'll try to stuff it with sleep or something soon hahaha. I'll be responding to comments (uh, comment.) Yes well, I think that I am wonderful and you should all give me presents. No seriously I want 20 presents for me under my Chrismas tree. Or 20 Slaves.

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