Monday, September 13, 2010

I feel delicious.

I needed a title. Don't blame me if this post has nothing to do with anything. =)

So how's it going everyone? I'm sitting here just chilling out... I'm kind of hungry too, so I'll probably make something soon... cause I can cook. So I just realized its Monday, and that reminds me of the times when everyone hated Mondays, when I hated Mondays. Now all of a sudden, I can't even tell the difference anymore everyday feels the same.

Recently I've been ripping up through the video games again, I feel like I haven't really gamed for so long; at least not competitively. I have been playing casually at the same rate though. After the Modern Warfare 2 stage which really didn't last long because I was one of the only people (at the time) that actually thought it wasn't much fun. After Modern Warfare 2, I bought a game called Blazblue: Calamity Trigger; its a anime-esque fighting game that is loads of fun. Fast paced is the pace I love and this game delivered it; I bought it on the Xbox 360 for the controller's analog, which made my time easier but Anna and my Brother both complained because they don't like change or some shit.

Anyways, after that was Street Fighter IV, or more specifically Super Street Fighter IV. I loved the game, although I was never that great at it... but it did hold me over to Blazblue's Sequel. Blazblue: Continuum Shift was released at the end of May, and I jumped on top of that game right away. Once again I love the game, but I didn't play it as much as I did the first one... I guess the novelty of fighting games was starting to wear off. I am still excited for the DLC characters they're releasing. There are only 3 DLC characters planned for Continuum Shift; a squirrel lady named Makoto who's already released, a shape-shifting werewolf butler named Valkenhayn Hellsing, and a girl with a 3-way multiple personality disorder (an obnoxious boy, a kind girl, and a superhero) named Platinum (or Luna, Sena, and Trinity respectively).

So basically when the fighting games stopped, I stopped playing all together; I was too concerned with the happenings of my life to really care about games anymore. However I did download Starcraft II a few weeks after it was released. I played it for about... 2 hours? Guess I'm not as much as a conformist as I thought. I mean I only put in about 1 day of gameplay time into Modern Warfare 2 compared to Tony's 33 days.

So where am I now... well I downloaded Steam, and played the hell out of Dragon Age: Origins and am currently playing the Awakenings expansion. After that I played a very fun game called Plants vs. Zombies, its cute as hell and fun as hell. Then I got Civilization IV, which I love; the games take about 4-5 hours to finish but its pretty chillax. Then I got Total War: Rome bundled with the Alexander expansion, haven't played much of it honestly because I'm kind of not into real time strategy now, even though it is unique. Then I got Mass Effect, and I was wowed, this game is definitely my favorite right now, even though I'm pretty bad at it. Then last but definitely not least is Counter Strike: Source. I get horse raped whenever I play online, but I'm slowly getting better; I can see why its the most played FPS of all time.

An ongoing game for me has been... it deserves its own paragraph... but I'm not going to give it one. In fact I've decided I'm going to review every fucking game I've mentioned that I actually have played. Why not eh, it'll give me something to do. If you guys don't want to read it... then don't! Its going to be very opinion based and I'm going to probably rant for hours about something stupid and irrelevant like Lego.

Wow, I've sure typed a LOT. But moreover, now I've given myself some time off from gaming I'm ready to leap back into the FPS mode. Not even that but back to how I used to play. Some of you may know that a few years back I was MLG Pro on Call of Duty 4; I operated under a PSN ID I don't use anymore but its K/D and W/L are well over 4.0.

To clarify, an MLG Pro is NOT someone who gets paid for gaming (I wish), there are people like that in MLG however, but they get paid through sponsorships. I got sponsorship offers too, but they turned out to be from 12 year olds who wanted to ask me how to get into MLG lol. An MLG Pro plays in the Pro Circuit, essentially it is a tournament for a specific game. I got into MLG because of my accuracy and survival alone made Search and Destroy games an easy win. I was first in MLG as a freelance player and only hit the Pro Circuit when I was recruited by Team EnVyUs.

After a few scrims and the first batch of qualifiers, I quit MLG. There were a few reasons; first and foremost, I had friends and school and that took too much of my time. I didn't have the sponsorships or the money to actually travel to Las Vegas for the tourney. I hated that pressure I felt when I played an MLG game, that someone was going to watch the footage later and scrutinize me. And Lastly, I'm not a team player. I don't talk very much, and I often ditch my team and go an opposite direction. My team-mates didn't like me, they kept me because of skill alone.

After I quit, they went on to win the Silver Cup in Vegas, I was kind of pissed I couldn't be a part of that but I lived. Now, I want to get good again; after playing so long I can barely get a 1.5 K/D let alone my 4.0. I DON'T want to go MLG Pro again or play competitively, I just want to get that good again lol. So if any of you wonder where I am; I'm playing CoD. LOL

I'm still a casual gamer at heart though! I love playing the game for the fun of it, and I hate it when people cry that they suck. Okay I've ranted long enough about games; I'm still waiting on my Tritton's to get in the mail so until then I'm not going to play much. I found out I learn best at night, but at night is when people bitch at me for my volume being too loud. The Tritton headset I'm getting basically feeds the sound into the headset, so I can play as loud as I want. Okay, so til' next time.


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