Monday, February 1, 2010

First Day of Semester 2

What a day. I honestly say that, I would rather kill myself then go to school. It was nice seeing people again, but only to a certain point. Let me explain, I see all these people before school, but once it starts there is practically no one in all my classes. And by all my classes I mean one. Allow me outline my beautiful schedule:

English 30-1 AP

Looks good no? That's what I thought... 2 spares? A computers class where I don't have to even work for a 90? I also get the most chillax English teacher. I get to do anything on my spares, I get to do anything in Animation, and I get to do anything in English. It seems really awesome, but living through it? Another story entirely.

A spare was perfect last semester, when I was piling academics on top of academics. I needed that time to work on homework so I didn't get overwhelmed at school. Now I have ONE academic course, homework starts in class so chances are I'll be nearly done by the end of the class. So I'd most likely finish it in the spare I have right after, or on the second rotation either finish it at home or at school the next morning. This brings me to my next related point, my spares.

I posted my schedule above. The schedule changes to a second rotation everyday, and they switch everyday. It flips the top two classes and the same thing happens to the bottom. So on Tuesdays and Thursdays (second rotation) I have a 3 and 1/2 hour lunch. Oh my god. Without work to do, a spare is EXTREMELY boring. You're probably like "Chris! Go make friends!" but believe me when I say that the people that have spare at the same time are either gone or are just plain boring.

I'm at a lack of things to do during my two spares. Someone freaking help me. I'm actually thinking of doing all 150 AP terms, and screw choosing 1 novel, I'll probably do all of them. Just so I don't blow my brains out during spare. I need to wait... at least 1 week to get things changed. Hopefully. I will survive 4 more days.

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  1. Get a book and just read. I know spares can be boring, I have first period and second period free, but have to be to school by second which sucks. Anyways I'd recommend reading one of these books; American Psycho, The Rules Of Attraction, or Fight Club. I enjoyed reading all of those books.