Monday, June 28, 2010

School, Girls, and Life

Hey all you good lookin' fellas! Its time for me to spill the details on my gaudy life. Writing about my life is exactly like writing my diplomas, very difficult to start, easy to ramble, and probably only a couple of people will read it.

As you can all clearly see, I have in no way lost touch with my overly humorous self. While on the topic of school, I might as well tell all that has happened. I may not be a hundred percent sure but the last time I spoke about school, I was freaking out for weeks; and I continued to freak out well until the last 2 weeks of school. It was at this point in time that I concluded that I needed to do some work. So after busting my hump I managed to complete all of my English work, and all of my ComTech work. Amazing huh?

So the next hump arrived. Diploma Exams. The brutal government-issued exams that test you on all the things you have learned in your cumulative years of grade schooling, and even cynically testing you about things you may of never learned. The exam procedure is military at best, you file in and get ID checked, checked for electronics, anything you could possibly use to get an edge on the exam. To me, it was only reasonable; they are after all paranoid. So paranoid that they force you to remove the labels from plastic water-bottles for fear of cheating. This is the cognitive abilities of our top administrators? Not only is it basically stupid to believe that I could cheat on my personal response essay with a water-bottle but they should be wasting their time on better things, such as checking for eyelid tattoos.

For the actual exams? If you recall, I had 4 subjects to complete. 2 were rewrites; math and social studies. The other 2 were English and Physics. The essays came first; English was breezy, I love Hamlet and showed no hesitation to prove my knowledge. The Social Essay was in my opinion easier than the one I did last semester. Then came the behemoth, the course I didn't study or even finished for that matter; Math. Out of my logical reasoning and my extreme luck that the majority of questions were from the units I did study; I did rather well. Then the multiple choice, which were fantastically boring and simple. All in all, I don't think I did better than our passionate valedictorian but I sure held my own (enough to pass anyways).

The missing link? Physics, the final course. I've been neglecting this course because of my immense workload, and its time to return to it. With the Diploma quickly approaching, it remains the only course left which will provide me the keys to my future. The pressure.. I'm fearful. I'll be composing the e-mail which will be sent to my teacher tomorrow. Hopefully, I pass.

Its hard to believe that 12 years of grade school has passed. Hard to think that from now on, I'll be out in the open world. Don't get me wrong, I loathed school; I'll never miss the homework, bullies, and hurt. The world is just so open, and while it is scary I'm ready to jump right in. I'm already living on my own, no one but me and my own mind. For once in my life, I feel so free.

I'm living in a gorgeous apartment sized basement, fully developed in a modern hardwood finish. My parents pay whatever little rent there is considering the place is owned by my brother. I get survival money from my parents every 2 weeks. More than enough for 4 people under my living style. I don't live on my own, but that's by choice. I'm tired of going to the mall everyday and to be honest, home is starting to be more fun. Having a roommate alleviates the feeling of loneliness. My roommates are of course, the one who has been living with me since February, Anna; and the one who has been putting up with me since cradle-times, Kaitlyn.

Oh what? I have two roommates? It must of slipped my mind for everyone I told. Some of you I told about one, sometimes the others. Some I haven't even told, that's probably because you never ask. Of course, here on the internet I actually feel free to talk about things for once so I don't give a damn who reads this =). Yes, there is a lot of drama associated with living with two girls who just want to bite each other's heads off. But I sure f*ng love it.

Oh sure its not all sugar and rainbows with all the hormones and the periodical blood fountains I have to clean up. I mean, I have to do I lot of work to maintain this lifestyle. I've got to make sure I set strict guidelines for who gets to use the kitchen and who gets to clean the bathroom. *Insert pointless amounts of sexist comments*


But yeah, it isn't always going to be like this. Anna is only staying until she is completely done High School. Which is soon. In the meanwhile, I'm enjoying the attention.

Yes, I've just realized I went on a massive tirade, and I plan to make up for it by getting serious with this paragraph. Now, I've completely gone off my medicine. I say I'm perfectly fine, but sometimes I begin to doubt it. The main thing those meds always did was suppress my depressing thoughts. Now they're coming back, of course they're all about Alex. I saw her today while I was at work, I froze. We have a ten-second greet policy, I got about half the "hello" out before I froze up and got the hell out of there. Christina (my Manager) was surprisingly helpful, her and Hannah who consistently asked me if I had a girlfriend or an interest finally understood. Understood something I didn't that is. One thing I never probably mentioned is that Alex is leaving to go to Queens University in Ontario. I can already foresee her being my number one regret. That I could never fix things with her, that I failed in even being her friend. I've got to move on, but honestly I can never do that because... all I have is this blog to talk to. Anna and Kaitlyn both get extremely irritated by the mention of Alex, and well things are awkward with Erin and I; so I really have no one I can talk to, no one that wants to talk to me. Out of all the best friends I have, none of them are really my best friends.

That's where I'm ending this blog post today. I'll be sure to return tomorrow, to write another giant post. As there is so much I still need to cover. Next time.. it'll focus on significant events of the past 2 months. Mainly the After-Grad.

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