Saturday, June 26, 2010

What the hell is going on?

Want a summary of the past 2 months? Easy.

1. Freaking out about school. Luckily I think I passed.
2. Went through another period of obsessively crying over Alex. I swear I almost went insane.
3. I have a job now, I sell fancy shoes.

The most recent news? Ah well. Lets see, one of my best friends Erin appears to be ignoring me. For whatever blasted reason I can't even conceive. Tomorrow I will be analyzing that throughly though.

Right now, I feel much more like sleeping. But I thought I'd give this blog another chance.
Here is what you can expect the next post (or posts!) to be about. A fair warning: They will be LONG AS F**K.
-School, Alex, Anna, and Life
-Chris the Shoe Salesman?
-Graduation, and the now seemingly important after party
-What the future may hold for me.

Also, I plan to introduce this new radical idea I just seriously thought of 5 seconds ago. Its called "Friend's Corner", and what do you know its going to be about all the friends I think are just rad.

Call it a mini-blog? Maybe.
Interview? Maybe.
Awesome? Definetely.

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