Tuesday, April 20, 2010

This blog is changing, hopefully for the better!

Don't worry, don't worry. It's not like I won't still write these blogs or anything.

I'm going to keep this post short, because I'm tired and I actually want to sleep. If you haven't noticed the look of my blog has changed, please note that it is temporary until I finish my super special awesome html layout. My new design is going to be like a website, I hope it works out pretty well. In the meantime, this new theme in my opinion is a lot better than my old one, and kind of reflects my level of calm when I write these.

Skipping to today... Day got off to a bad start because well Anna was being all "stressed" about driving, and by stressed I mean radiating fuck-off signs and death signals pissed off. All because of traffic, while I can see to a certain degree why it could be annoying it is definitely not nerve-wracking. I personally believe that when you are moving at 5 km/h that it is in fact not scary, nor is it even possible to dent your car even if you did hit someone.

Got better eventually, she said sorry and then Sarah joined us for an escapade to Tim Hortons, where we drank and ate. Then, I saw a guy who looked EXACTLY like an older Hitler. This is not very common to me, so I freaked. Sarah and Anna didn't get why, they didn't even notice the resemblance, but after I told them they sure did.

Ah the interview, that went well I suppose. Filled a form, talked to the manager, had a pretty routine interview and left with only a promise that he would let me know soon, after he checked some things. I won't try to break it down, it would only stress me out. I just hope that I can get hired, I WANT TO DRIVE THE FORKLIFT!!!!!

Sarah and Heather came over after-school to work on the Grad Video, and work on it we did not. Now you all know I was more or less depressed about her yesterday, but that has dissolved and it is not in the least awkward. Nothing really interesting happened. The only part I can remember is the extremely hot session in the car when Heather and I waited for the other two to buy some things. Heather and I talked about a bear, which runs around the corner of KFC and kidnaps a child then runs away. Why did we talk about it? Because it's funny. Oh and in case you were wondering, it was hot so... nom nom nom.

Last note is that a letter came for me from the University of Calgary, it congratulated me on my acceptance to the new Faculty of Arts (a merging of certain old similar faculties). MyUofC still says I have a tentative admission (I have to complete conditions outlined in my "To Do List") in which the only term I have is, submit a transcript. Which they say they'll automatically get for me. Does this mean I'm in? If it does than it is time for me to start doing backflips off the walls.

Well, I think it's sleepy time for me then. I'll write again tomorrow. =)

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