Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I forgot to write a title lol

I never know what to write when I begin to write my posts, it always just comes to me as I go along. I don't edit anything out, save one moment. It is just the way I handle things, I've recently began to truly wonder what should I do with my free time? I find myself on the video games less and less, and I see myself drift further and further away from things that I once did to fill that time.

This weekend I went to see The Green Hornet, a movie that was in one word Legendary. I think the movie was very well scripted, and was entertaining and funny to the very end. Seth Rogen never ceases to amaze me in the roles that he plays, no matter how different the role is he manages to play it well and add his own personality into it. However, I cannot see him doing any role that isn't remotely comedy (similar to Jim Carrey). Jay Chou I have known prior to this film as a very talented musician, but when it comes down to it he acts very well. Although I have to say he was passive at times in terms of facial expressions, I wasn't really feeling the character as much. Altogether though it was a very good film and I would go see it again, the value of the movie is in the comedy and the sheer ass-kicking.

Speaking of friendship, I spoke to Anna about our relationship; whether or not I actually want to think about it, we were on a fine line between being friends and being more. We were like that for such a long time I've grown accustomed to it. Funny thing though, and this may be the start of one a new theory (don't quote me!) is that when I told her that we are just friends, it felt like a barrier broke. Things that bothered me before didn't seem to phase me that much anymore, everything changed almost immediately. It was almost as some illusion was shattered. I did give her the courtesy of telling her exactly why it wouldn't work out, and today it seemed as though she became a little more positive, even if just for a little.

Looks like the world as I know is changing all around me. Soon I won't be taking high school courses and talking to the same people. But friends, they last forever; don't they.

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