Friday, January 28, 2011

What now?

Been so busy freaking about and studying for the Physics diploma exam. Now that it has finally past I feel like I've made it to a major milestone. I'd like to think I did well, for a subject that is so very difficult. The amount of work I put into it, and the amount of support I got was just enough to get me through that long 2.5 hours. The exam was difficult, but not unbearable. I was just happy to get out of there alive.

I realized that my original plan to take four classes this semester wouldn't be possible, simply because the amount of stress I had going into the physics exam. I would not be able to handle Pure Math 30 again. I opted to sign up for 3 instead. English, Sociology, and Psychology. That will fufill my entry requirements for the school I set my sights on. I was contemplating attempting to apply for the UofC again, but entry is steep and I need my math skills to be prime. Mount Royal will be my choice, I'll be applying ASAP; using my Social and Physics marks for my Early Application. Hopefully I can tune my marks to be highly competitive by the end of the year.

Classes don't start until February 16, so I have a lot of stress free time now. I don't have much planned at all, barely got my birthday celebrations planned out. But I am going to go work for a day this Sunday, helping Softmoc move stores. At least then I'll have some birthday money to spend hahaha. I finally fixed the PS3, as it Yellow Lighted a few days ago. So, now I can at least game until school starts again. Not much to play other than the usual competitive goodies. Super Street Fighter IV being a great game, Little Big Planet 2 being very entertaining as usual, and I just picked up Dead Space 2.

I spoke to her again, my dare I say 'friend' and it went well. I never felt so free from all the troubles that burdened me and I never honestly felt more relaxed. The world may have changed while I was gone, and people may look at me different now; but at least if your intentions are good, good will happen. I won't go into very much detail at the time because my blog recently came under some questionable viewership. At this time, I seem to have more enemies than anything else. Back to you guys soon. Peace.

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