Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Breathing breath breathe

Did your mind get baffafled trying to read the title? I know I sure sucked at making it.

First off, why do I now have even more poll votes; either people are really spreading the word about my blog; or I'm getting traffic from completely random places. Now that I think about it, since I've basically dropped off the face of the earth from everyone I once knew, they might be wondering about me. Honestly, this blog is the only place I actually communicate to you guys. Other times its people who text or email me.

Rararara, well today was a cool day, woke up at 12:30 so that meant I missed the time Lynds was going to call me. I check my phone and... uh yep. I call back and... no one's there. Hahaha, okay now I have no plans then. So for some reason I opted not to eat and instead to just lounge around for an hour. When the doorbell rang, of course I ran to get it (I'm the only one who isn't fucking scared shitless of people at the door here) and she decided to pay ME a visit. How nice, she totally took the hard part of me asking her to come here. So I made some food for her with whatever fresh food I could find (which was nothing, so I ordered delivery hahaha) and distracted her with food and tv while I ran downstairs and cleaned to the best of my ability.

After all what she wanted to do was to play games, and it's in my messy ass room with the random clothing everywhere. So since she's been at school for the past semester she hasn't played anything since the beginning of last summer; so she was itching to sink a few bullets (lady of the year). Surprise-a-flipping-tastic, she actually beat me; like beat me silly (30-4). Me not having lag to blame anymore decided to take that shit online, where she dominated again. I hate her.

I like the game that's for sure, but I want to do something else now that I got served. She's not real athletic though so there's no competition in that. Maybe we'll just bowl or something hahaha, either way it was a great day. I had to boot her at around 4 so no one would be like "omgwtfbbq girl in bedz! WTF BABEESZ?!?!!11!1one11". Hahahaha,  so now that I have more Christmas presents I'm all like (%_%) or like ($_$) or like (^_^) *congratulations on finding the right symbols in the dark&* (fuck).

Im confusing, random and I'm actually tired. So uh, YAYPECE! Dammit this post sucked. Well I'll try to actually DO something tomorrow so I can rant the shit out of it.

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