Thursday, December 23, 2010

Planning Ahead!

What's up people? As you all know tomorrow is Chrismas Eve and the next day following is Christmas Day! While I might be one of the only people actually excited for it, because everyone else is a clear douche, I found it doesn't make it any less exciting.

Anyways to further prove that my parents are dickbags, my dad wanted to talk to me. It was basically about the fact that I'm turning 18 and he will no longer be responsible for me, I withheld my smart ass comment about how stupid he is for not knowing that legal responsibility ends when the child is 16. He continued to say I will have to pay rent to continue living here. I also withheld my comment that the only reason I'm living here is because I was too nice not to burden anyone with my problems and also that it was free for me to live here. If it comes to the point that I have to pay rent to live with my parents I am leaving, I don't care where. Then the third thing, he said however he will support me if I go to University, I withheld a giant fuck you when I heard that. Because whenever asked, my parents would always say that they would support me no matter what I do. Not that it really mattered to me as I personally want to go to University, but I actually believed them. After all thats what parents do right.

Well fuck them, I've already started to plan. The first step will be to finish my Physics course with the highest grade possible, then go to CBELearn to find out what I need to gain admission. I plan to attend UofA, because I like Alberta but want to get away from my intoxicating family. It is in Edmonton about 3 hours north of here. After that apply to the faculty (the requirements are much lower now that Psych merged into the arts),  and apply for residence. Residence is the easiest part but also the part that I'll stick it to my parents "support". You see, I can live with a roommate, I don't like the idea but I can do it; and I was going to last year to help my parents out so they don't have to pay too much. They're stupid though and just believe everything I say, I'm just nice not to abuse it. So I'm going to probably apply for a single room, I'm still nice enough not to splurge another thousand to get a private bathroom as well, but I sure could.

If they actually live up to their promise to "support" me, then they're in for a ride. Tuition will be roughly $6600, residence single /w bathroom (lol) $5300, required meal plan (most expensive for lmaos) $3300. Do the math but that's a lot of money hahahaha. About roughly $15000 for the year, its about as expensive as American colleges to be frank; but I'm in Canada so I guess education is funded better. Of course I also have a backup plan, I've saved enough money to pay off the difference between the double room and single room, and if I go back to Barry and ask for my job I could make a lot more. I'll have to, because my parents are cheap; and I've seen nothing in terms of generosity either. 15 grand is no laughing matter, but through careful planning and financial aid I could actually pay it off myself. My marks are too low to get a good scholarship but at least I can apply for financial aid (even though my parents are cheap isn't a good excuse haha).

Thats the plan, I'm going to stick with it. Also, you may not know but I was planning even more costlier travels. Such as UCLA, Berkeley, and even foreign secondaries. But in the end I settled on here, I really have nothing left in this city; but I don't want to go too far away either. Oh and I need a laptop, I basically use Anna's all the time, so I'll need my own once I leave. My aunt, parents, and everyone else in my family said "If you graduate high school I'll buy you a laptop"; Where's my laptop? Anyways, more and more is pointing for me to get my job again, I guess I will have to so I can buy the things I need.

Anyways, I hope that my plan doesn't go awry, and I hope you guys enjoyed (at least somewhat) my rant. That's really all that's important to me right now, I've got to go to a party in like 3 or 4 hours so I'll probably post another soon.

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