Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Holidays 2010

Hello everyone, I do hope that Christmas and the otherwise holiday season has gone well for everyone. For me it has gone alright, suffice to say while I was disappointed by most people I still had a relatively good time; and to me I believe that it what I will remember.

In terms of presents I find that every year the joy of gift giving and sharing itself outweighs the presents themselves. While many would disagree with my motion that giving is better than receiving the holiday season still presents many with a collective sense of identity. We all have that one thing we truly want and never get, according to the poll I placed two weeks ago it is only natural. The number one answer was agreeably, a person. I myself have wished that before, and I even have this year; but even if we don't get that one gift it really is the hope that is really magical. 

Beyond that, I hope that everyone has gotten reasonable presents, nothing that would make one want to throw said present out a window. I myself have gotten (not surprisingly) a load of video games and related things and I am generally pretty happy with it all.

Recently I've been hanging out a ton more with Lyndsey and its been great. We had a little spat a few days ago because of jealousy is all. We're back to being a bunch of cool cats and she leaves this Sunday so we've been making the most of it. I don't think I've ever chatted with a person this much before. She introduced me to a piece of remarkable television called The Big Bang Theory. Chances are most of you already know about it, it is pretty popular apparently. If you don't there isn't much to know, its written in part by Chuck Lorre who has created "Two and a Half Men", and focuses on 4 very smart lads and 1 "normal" blonde. It is a frickin' hoot, and also appeals to me because its romantic-comedy feel to it. I had a lot of fun watching and talking with Lyndsey. I'm actually now caught up, it only took like 5 days too to go through 3 and a half seasons. So I guess I'll be watching it live now along with Glee.

I'm usually pretty distant from television as most of you know, but I've been thinking and I've been declining my gaming hours. When I first started living out on my own, I jumped to nearly 8-9 hours a day of playing video games and now I'm sinking to about about an hour a day. Back in the day when I had limited game time, I'd balance with my friends. But now since they're gone, I guess I've changed a bit to television. But rest assured, its not like I'll social hermit myself like the month before I went on vacation. I'm watching "How I Met Your Mother" next... largely in part to Lyndsey for recommending me.

I have decided and almost locked down what I hope to do up til' September. First is make Physics 30 my bitch, second find out what course(s) I need to take or retake to get my requirements, and lastly save up money to buy myself my own laptop. My entire family has basically failed to fulfill their promise to buy me a laptop for graduation, so I'll take it into my own hands. I've basically zeroed in on the XPS 14 after heavy debate between that and the Envy 14, and it basically came down to familiarity of keyboard/pad and also sound quality. I don't plan to actually buy until around summer when its closer to when I need it, so I'll check back in a few months and find what's similar.

As for the school, I've picked Mount Royal University; I'll be frank, I like Calgary and I hate how fucking boring UofA looks. Also Mount Royal has an apartment/townhouse style residence, which is more suited to me who doesn't like sharing his room with strangers. I could even tolerate the 4-person suite with a separate bedroom for me. So I'll be working hard; although I'm not sure if I'll be actually working... it really depends on how I feel. I also recently found that I might eventually need to drive so I'll work on that slowly too.

Alright, long-ish post finished. On a final note, I've noticed how I've seemed to fluctuate a lot between talking to the readers and talking to myself like a journal. 

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  1. very nice.
    how'd you like the gift i gave ya??