Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Insomnia? Whaa?

I can't sleep, story of my life hahaha. I blame it on being so close to Christmas time, I love Christmas; makes me all happy no matter how much everything sucks. I may do nothing but game, barely work, and blog; but I actually enjoy doing it a lot. Hell I'd be content doing this forever honestly, if only I could make a living off of gaming, barely working, and blogging.

Well well, I remembered to call my proby officer today cause I totally missed last weeks appointment. In case anyone forgot I have to go to a probation officer until February (9 months... woot woot!). Well its getting to be pretty big news because that means only two more months of living with such confining rules... Rules I don't even follow *shhhhh*. Its a good thing that my probation officer actually sees me as a good guy (which I am), and won't write me up even though I've missed like 5 appointments already. I'm still worried about it though, because the time I was in my cell, the other guy there was in there for breaching his own contract. So I'm trying not to go back. Beyond that, the other accounts I've broken are... Work or go to school full-time (or both part-time), Go to scheduled Psychiatrist appointments, Continue to take prescribed medication, and I think that's about it.. Also guys, don't worry; I'll be fine. I'm a smooth talker if the case arrives.

Rawr rawr rawr, do you all like tea? I've been recently drinking tea because it is easy and quick to make. And is a hot drink good for warding away the illness everyone here has. I mean seriously, I don't want to get sick; I may spend a lot of time at home but I like the freedom to go out and do things occasionally too. Not to mention I wouldn't want to get Lynds sick on her vacation here. Primarily I've been drinking Black and Green tea variants. I like black tea more, I don't think there is much better than simple Earl Grey. Also I feel very fancy.

Beyond that I have been keeping myself physically strong to fight off that damn feeling of getting sick, by basically doing a lot of combat practice. I see now that having a partner is actually really useful if you want to learn something, but hell all I want to do is not get sick so what the hell right hahaha. Either way my reaction time has gotten a lot slower and also my movement speed. While I doubt I'll get into a real fist fight, it does suck that I can't seem to do anything as fast as I used too. After all, in a fight speed is key. Being able to take a hit is one thing, but I pride myself more on my ability to parry and dodge more than anything. Sure I can take a hit, hit me as hard as you can I won't fall... but hit me again in the same place as hard as you can and I probably would. Get what I'm talking about?

Don't get me wrong though, I'm no real fighter; I can block, parry, dodge and strike really well but... I once actually sparred with a friend who trained in Jiu Jitsu. She was fucking ridiculous. Here's the deal, its all good for me as long as I'm a fucking ninja and don't really get hit. But oh my fucking god, if I make a mistake and she can put me on the ground, all of a sudden I can't move any limbs or breathe. Basically how we sparred was we would fight with our respective styles and we decided on how to decide on winner. Basically for me I had to hit a "win" area, similar to regular sparring. Her, being a grapple based art would basically assail me until I couldn't handle it. Sparring is fun, fighting... isn't so much ahaha, it has consequences.

Hummmmmmmmmm, well I'm getting more and more suspicious about this god damn stats for my blog. See, views from Russia for this month is actually making up 65% of my views, but when I look at referring sites I see obscure sites for things like travel and construction. Dammit, this all seems very phishy to me... and hell, I can't for sure know if my views are real or not anymore hahaha.

So ahaha, I have a pretty cool idea for a blog around Christmas time. I think it'll be pretty cool and I'll be taking almost an entire week composing it. It's going to be a fucking huge post, but a very cool one too I think. So um, if you guys have any really really cool ideas but don't have like your own blog, your own time or want to show whoever the fuck reads my blog, please PLEASE pass it to me. I like making ideas come alive.


  1. Tea is great. I have a cup or two when I can. They say peppermint is good after a meal for digesting. Should google some more of tea's incredible powers because a lot of it is interesting.

  2. Yeah I've never really learned much about it, but I've heard it has a lot of health benefits and I have to say. Between excercise and the tea I've been keeping everyone elses sickness away from me.