Monday, December 13, 2010

Nipple tape.

I don't know, I couldn't think of a normal title.

Good morning to all of you delinquents, I am currently writing a blog so I don't get yelled at. Naw, I think its awesome when people tell me how awesome my post is, it makes me feel better than I already do. So I left off last time just before the weekend so we'll dive right into the events of the days.

Friday night was eventful to say the least, in fact so eventful that even though I wanted to go to sleep around midnight, I still ended up sleeping at my usual time. What happened? Argument. About? Same old tune... the past. I finally got it past to her though that the reason why everyone is taking my side now is because they know all the sides of the story thanks to my incredible narrative. Also, hiding behind excuses vs. trying to fix problems; people generally pick the good Samaritan. Also, for everyone out there; a piece of wisdom: It is not about what has happened to you, or what you have done that shapes who you are... But it is your actions from now on. Just because you've had a shit life or ruined lives, doesn't mean you're a bad person. Its what you do that makes you who you are, I chose to go fix my wrongs when others would of just forgotten about it. Anyways, went on and woke up the next morning at about 11:30, delightful as I was planning to go around noon anyways, well thanks to women being slow as hell, it was more like noon-ish.

The day I would rate as fun for sure, basically after my incredible sense of direction led us there without a hitch; I was greeted by Nathan's sister, to my surprise; and apparently her surprise too (good or bad? dunnoo), I really like feeling like no one expected their day to become twofold kickass. So whaddup? Games, was definitely awesome. I like zombie games, they're definitely the coolest thing ever. Played a healthy amount of CoD, in which I clutched almost every single round until Nathan pulled a bullshhh recovery 14 rounds in with the Thunder. Later chilled with some Left4Dead2, which I say was fucking fun as hell with a second person (no one else likes the fucking game but me lol...)

Next was super chill ass basement, which apparently was rigged up for the sister's party (I'm sorry I don't know her name LOL) but we sufficed. Between darts, air hockey, drums, guitar, and pool; it was pretty fun. I of course actually took a game of pool, which is amazing since I've never really played much. Of course that was ONE game out of like seven hahaha. It was a great break from gaming for sure, and I like nachos.

About the time Nathan's sister's fat friends showed up we chugged upstairs, gamed a bit til the VGA's were on. Now I wasn't really expecting to watch it because I usually don't watch TV but it was pretty cool. Elder Scrolls V was the highlight for me, I could of cared less about the rest though hahaha. Maybe Uncharted 3, but considering I was bored of 2 after a week of playing and platinum trophying; I don't think I'll be buying. Halfway through was Pizza, in which I waded through like 12 people to get. Not saying that there was that many, I mean hell for a party it was small.

Day was pretty cool I'll say however. Now for the day after, which I still think is today because I haven't slept. I had tickets for the hockey game, but no one to go with. Shame. So I sold it to a friend for 30 bucks for both. Now I have money for hanging out with Lynds tomorrow.. so yay! We're just going to Deerfoot Meadows so I don't think there will be much to do; and we'll probably only hang from about 12 to 3, which for me is actually kinda short. I'm pretty reluctant on inviting her back here actually, Anna is already on edge ready to kill me and her; and well, I don't know when she's off work, and that she has a fuckin' bloodhound nose for sniffing out the most random scents. Or maybe I'm making excuses. Oh well.

Christmas is getting closer with only about 11 more days. I've gotten a good amount of gifts from others, which honestly makes me feel slightly bad because I didn't have enough cash this year to get them anything nice. But I'll make it up to them I'm sure, my conscience wouldn't let me live peacefully if I didnt haha.

I know the poll hasn't ended for this week yet, but wow seven votes already; that trumped last weeks. Anyways; leave a comment or send an email to or contact me in any other way if you have an idea for the next poll. I love doing these polls and would love to do more than one, because I often have a tough time picking a topic. Back in 3 days to talk about the results of this poll, keep voting! =)

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