Sunday, May 15, 2011

Not just good, Great.

Things have been going better than I ever could of ever imagined, and its all because I started to focus on positive things. Always be positive no matter what anyone tells you; that's the most important lesson I have learned. Being positive reinforces your thoughts and allows you to make the best decisions for what you want in all situations. Its basically the best way to live in my opinion and everyday no matter what is better than the last.

On Wednesday I tested my resolve and headed to Tubbys to play some games, chat with some people, and see if I've really changed all that much. It was rough at first, especially talking to Anna again; but I think that the new me handled everything superbly. I think just the fact that I talked to others more than her really speaks volumes about it. The night was fun and I'm looking forward to going again this week, also for Tuesday, when her and I will hang out 100% as friends for the first time.

I've been getting back into fighting games again, looking forward to the Alberta Beatdown tournament that I'll win next month. Baby steps first, beat everyone here and then beat everyone in Alberta. Ambition, that's a good thing. In related news, PSN is finally back up again and although I haven't really used any part of it; it has been a pretty good thing that it is back up. I've been playing Blazblue CS2 on the Xbox and I honestly have to say that playing on the pad really sucks, it works but it is no where near comparable to the PS3, which in turn is incomparable to an Arcade stick.

Glad that PSN is completely back up again before Summer starts so I can game online like crazy if I so feel it.

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  1. Hey, I'm in Alberta, too.

    PSN being back up didn't affect me at all, but that's because I discovered Grifball on Halo Reach.