Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Time to Start Fresh

Life sure is pretty interesting, and it is something that I truly enjoy every second of. I'm learning more and more every single day. But you know what I think might be the most important thing to never forget? Always be positive, even when things suck you can still try to pick out the good things and laugh and smile. Being happy sure beats being sad any day of the week, and heck the more happier you are the more happier you'll become. Back when I was talking with that batshit insane ex of mine, I felt like crap and she made me feel even more like crap. What happened was I just kept spiraling and felt worse and worse. Now there's a reversal of fortune, I've become happy and every minute, hour, and day I feel even better. Life is just so much better if you look only at the good stuff and ignore the bad stuff, as a result you just keep getting more good things and more happiness.

So what have I been doing as of recently? The same things surprisingly, except this time around I'm looking at all the good things. I don't see my homework as a chore anymore I see it as getting a lot closer to end of high school altogether and reaching University. I don't see games as an escape or something that reminds me of her; I see how fun they actually are and all the good times I had with her and how someday I'll have those again. Its all in the way you look at things. As an added stroke of luck, Barry (my old district manager) replied to me and offered me the job, and what's even better? It's at the same amazing location! I think it really shows how strong the mind is, that just changing how you think can really alter your life. I wasn't happy when I got this amazing laptop, and now I'm happy just because I have it, and I'm happy for all the things that I'll ever get.

Smile folks! =)

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