Saturday, May 7, 2011

Today I don't feel like doing anything.

I'm amazed at how I said I would live a new life without drama, and a week later drama happens. All this while, trying to change myself for the better; I've been confiding in two people. One was a girl that was always busy and so I didn't really have much time to ever talk to her. The other was a girl I once dated, who was actually available so I talked to her all the time, no idea why. Honestly, it was a stupid idea, red lights should of popped off in my head that she didn't like either me or Anna. Yet, I thought it was perfectly okay for me to get her help with the whole situation between two people she didn't exactly like.

There is a reason as to why I've been feeling less than stellar, I mean I've been constantly put down by her over the last week without even knowing it. There is also a reason as to why nothing has been progressing, she's been sabotaging my efforts telling Anna completely misleading things about me to split us further apart. I figured that it would be okay to trust her, that trusting anyone is better than trusting no one. Glad to say that my friend Sarah, she finally got my message and called me. Might be the first time in a while I've understood what an actual friend was. She confirmed many of my suspicions of what was going on and actually supported what I was doing, admiring my resolve. So I feel a lot happier now, and beyond that we even began to work on a solution to all of this now that we understood the full story.

So, I've been filling up my laptop slowly over time; at first just for school I needed to get Word and Photoshop, and then DivX player so I could watch a documentary for English. I watched the 11th hour, an environmental documentary produced by Leonardo DiCaprio. If you want to know about the state of the planet, I'd recommend this documentary; its developed much more in my opinion that "An Inconvenient Truth". I've been also installing some games so I can pass some time between work, I've downloaded "Angry Bird" a very entertaining mini-game. I also installed "Amnesia: The Dark Descent", a pretty gripping horror game that honestly messes with your head so much it becomes difficult to play.

So, I'm just wondering if there is anything else that I should try? This laptop's pretty good haha, I wanna see just how good it is. Oh, and yes it can run Crysis lol.


  1. I don't really know that feel, but I know that not giving a fuck can help. Maybe try that?