Monday, May 2, 2011

Up and Down.

How do I feel today? Pretty up and down I'd say, crazy amounts of mood swings. At one second I couldn't care about what happens at all, and the next I can barely move being bogged down by my thoughts. It's pretty rough lol, and yet it doesn't really help that my friends aren't really doing much in the way of talking to me. I pass by though, distracting myself works to a pretty decent length.

Although I have been getting back into my music and that has been making me feel a lot better. I also think a good outlet for my lying would be through creativity, writing stories instead of warping reality. Beyond that, I still have schoolwork to contend with and I better get on that. If I don't pass my Sociology and Psychology classes I'm basically screwed getting into University this year.


  1. Hahahaha I'm cracking up. Defs using that in the next post.

  2. University sucks, i don't wanna get it in.