Monday, January 18, 2010

Blog entertainment begins!

Well I figure that, I can't possibly have an interesting day every day so I'm going to still do something personal, even if it isn't really dramatic. I guess I'll just do what I want but it'll be like top lists, reviews, and trailers. Just random stuff I guess. Of course I'll put my input in and everything!

Today was a chilled day, I just sat at home listening to music, gaming and sleeping. Not much else, but I really took a good look at my music taste, which I've now embraced everything I love so it's really broad. I am generally into Pop (Mostly Electro-Pop and Dance/Party vibe) and Rock (Hard rock and Instrumental). So I'll start it with my top lists. There will be 2 lists each having my personal top 3 per week! So hit the one you're interested in. In the interest of space because I'll be including videos, just hit the box again.

Pop :

I'd like to say I'm really picky in terms my taste in Pop music, but regardless here it is.

3. Bad Romance - Lady Gaga

My Words: I love the beat in this song, it's very catchy and it all just flows really well together. The video however is EXTREMELY creepy. If you're easily scared don't watch it.

2. Down - Jay Sean ft. Lil' Wayne

My Words: I love this song, it has a smooth bouncing beat and it just make me smile when I hear it. I can't help but sing along with it, this is the song I'm just randomly singing all day. Still Lil' Wayne creeps me out, but he's far from ruining the song or anything.

1. Tik Tok - Ke$ha

My Words: Jesus, right when I first heard this song I just wanted to jump up and call up all my friends to party. To be honest I have partied so much in the last week and a half than I have all last month. It just sounds GREAT. There is nothing I dislike about the song, and I'm the kinda guy who loves a good party which explains my friends haha.

Rock :

3. Afterlife - Avenged Sevenfold

My Words: This is the song that I've had on repeat for a LONG time. I can't seem to stop listening to it, it's generally got a tough part, a fast paced part, and a 'nice' part. It all transitions so well too. The solo is also fast, but it carries a lot of tone. Kudos to the band for making this song! Also, R.I.P. The Rev.

2. God Knows - Kurikinton Fox

My Words: First of all, I'd like to address why I chose this instrumental cover. It's because Kurikinton Fox is INSANE at guitar and makes this song really sing, this guy is what inspired me to learn the song. Also, he actually plays the last solo perfect unlike the actual guitarist on the record who screws up a lot. This song just makes me feel... happy.

1. The Pretender - Foo Fighters

My Words: I've been listening to this song a lot lately, it just has a lot of... energy. It definitely reminds me of that phase I went through a few years ago when I was just angry at everything. It's good to relive any past feelings. It makes me to scream out the lyrics when I'm listening to it. Everyone must think I'm insane. I like to think so. Hehehe.

So, that took way longer than I thought it would to type up, so hope you enjoy my music taste. xP

Oh, Also I think regardless of music taste anyone should check this out, it's a DJ who remixed and mashed-up the 25 songs from Billboard's top 2009 list.

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