Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm feeling good tonight.

It's just past midnight but I'll still consider this January 17th's blog.

Today started like any other day for me, lying in bed till like 5 in the afternoon and I've just really started to talk to more people recently. First there is all the people who actually read this blog and deal with my whining. I thank you very much!

Throughout today I really started to feel... supported. I reached out a bit more to friends, all of them girls (I have a 95% girl to guy friend ratio) and I surprisingly got a lot of support. So shout out to Erin who read this blog and making me realize that this blog is my way to open up. I've never been a person to open up to anyone before and this is really a great way for me to do so. I'd also like to say hi to Brittany who has been real supportive lately and looking out for me. I never hated you, and probably never will. I'll leave it at that because if I have to address all my exes this would be a VERY long post.

So the highlight of my day was heading over to Alex's for a party at around 6 and I left early at around 9 because of a headache. I'm glad that I'm talking to people again. To everyone reading this blog I'm very thankful you actually care.

I'm going to bed! So for now PEACE.

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