Friday, January 15, 2010

TGIF: Post Diploma Exam

Wow, well I just spent 16 hours in the last day and a half typing my finger tips off to finish a few missing assignments, and just 2 hours ago I wrote my diploma! I'm feeling really good about it, I'm sorry about my first entry it even sounded emo to me. Well medication has been upped and I'm feeling a hell of a lot better, but anyways I'll be sure to be posting that awesome cool stuff soon (previous journal entries) so to anyone reading this, be sure to check out my gawd awful grad year so far.

I have one more exam tomorrow, then I'm FREE! Well kind of there's a second part to my diploma in two weeks, but I'm going to procrastinate a LOT. I forsee much social activity in my future, hopefully going to a party sometime this weekend. I think on Sunday Ashlyn is having some party.

So shit yeah, I just spent lunch with Anna and it was awesome. She ate sushi (she eats like a bird, very little) and I had Quiznos, like 2 sammiches. Okay done with the blatant advertising! OKAY. Uh... what else...

I play guitar! I haven't for like 6 weeks because of my condition but now I actually feel like it! I've been toying around with this song here, check it out! The lyrics don't matter, I don't really care to understand but the song sounds amazing. It's called God Knows by Aya... something.

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