Sunday, January 24, 2010

My Room is my Home

Well, today was uneventful and let me tell you why. I made no effort to do anything, nothing. I literally sat in my room from morning to midnight, it felt like my room was separated from the world. What did I do today? I already said, nothing. I went on the computer jumping from YouTube to Facebook to Kongregate, I rarely ever left those sites.

My current joy on YouTube is watching people like SeaNanners and Hutch pwn at Call of Duty, I myself haven't played for what seems like months. On Facebook I rotate several games, Farmville, Petville, 2 mafia type games, and my favorite Restaurant City. I like designing my restaurant, does that make me gay? I think not, and the last site is Kongregate where I play all my flash games now, because they have an achievement system. I like achievements, they make me feel productive (I totally am not). I've been playing a browser MMORPG called Sacred Seasons, it's a turn-based game which just plain kicks ass. No matter how bored I get, I keep coming back.

Today was the kind of day I just tried to get comfortable in my troubles, I feel like shit but at least I'm content. I love talking to people, yet everyone annoys me now. I just feel like crap in general. I'd love to check on my school right now but the site is down. Wonderful, but on the bright side I get to continue spending time with Kaitlyn and those who actually make me feel good. For now, PEACE.

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