Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pre-Part B Diploma Exam

I should be studying but I am not. I instead spent a lot of time thinking today. I thought about everything, I found that I could really be my own counselor. Which made me feel really good, I solved many of my issues and believed I could really do well in the upcoming semester.

I am going to post all my Journal Entries from Semester 1 probably tomorrow, so look forward to that. I'll also start writing in my Journal again in Semester 2 and give you probably a weekly insight into my thoughts via the Journal logs.

I'm sorry that this blog is awfully short, but a 'friend' of mine really hurt my self-esteem. It's really crushing after having so many realizations about myself. I'm not going to name this 'friend' but they certainly didn't act like any nice person would.

Other than that, my laptop's N key has popped out and now I actually have to slow down to push the sensor to press N. So because of that I'll be a little slow in writing these blogs. So for now, Asta La Vista. (I better have written that correctly.)

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