Thursday, January 21, 2010

Parties, Police, and Hospitals.

Holy hell, I've been through a rough ride for the past few days. I was in no condition at all to be writing any of these blogs. I'm back now though, and now I'm going to tell you my fun story.

It started 3(?) nights ago, I threw a party. My usual friends were all invited, this would be all the Dance/Model/Bitch/Hot girls everyone hates, well except for me of course. I am a 16 year old guy after all. So for those of you who are reading this blog and didn't get invited, I'm sorry, I just didn't think that you girls would have fun in this party. You'd probably have more fun getting your ass stomped by me in Call of Duty and Rock Band. XP.

So I threw this party at my house. My Dad is way up north working so I didn't need to worry. My mom and my brother were with my aunt in Edmonton, for a trip I didn't want to go to at all. So instead I invited all my party girl friends over for a jumping party. The music was loud and there was lots of booze and drunk girls, so basically a perfect night. And it was a perfect night, not that I can remember very much haha. I'll tell you wat I can remember, I remember dancing, grinding, body shots and a lot of crazy shit going on. I remember really like dancing, especially with one girl who just rocked my world, it's really inspired me to take up dancing again. I remember having lots of fun, and I remember going to sleep on my bed alone.

That's not how I woke up. Now I can already hear all you girls whining "Oh my god Chris" and all you guys reading this (Like 2, Ryan and Kevin) going "Oooooooh, yeah". Okay, my ego might be a LITTLE high. So anyway, for I know now that I tend to wake up when I'm drunk and do stuff that I'll never remember. I've only been drinking for a few months, but I'm no lightweight either, it took some heavy stuff to lay me out. Anyways, I woke up in the morning surrounded by babes. Makes me think of Tik Tok hahalolol. I'm doubtful I actually did anything the night before because they were mostly all decently clothed, and just like everywhere. The plan was to pull off another night because my mom wasn't to be back till the next night. We had way too much unfinished booze too. So we got loaded up again closed the blinds and partied like rockstars. It wasn't that great this time... We honestly sat around enjoying ourselves relieving our hangovers with more booze.

So I passed out on my bed again. This time I woke up a little differently, I'm telling this all in extreme hindsight because I can't remember everything, I have to piece together everything piece by piece. Continuing on, I got a rude awakening. The police came into my room dragging me up and yelling at me to put on some clothes. After scrapping on a shirt and an extra pair of shorts they told me to head down to the kitchen and not look at my the naked girl in my bed. Then, I was arrested. Wonderful. You see, Apparently they thought I was actually older than the girl in my room. That she was a minor and I was not. So they basically said they'd charge me with rape of a minor. Great. Due to testimonies from the girl, and my mom telling them about my medical condition, they opted to bring me to a hospital instead of a jail.

Some clearing up, apparently my mom came back early because my brother really wanted to go to a friends birthday party, so after dropping him off she came back. Yelled at all the rest of the girls to get the hell out and found that my door was locked. Worried, she called the police. Yay me.

Anyways, I was now at the hospital. I was drunk out my mind still. I spent 6 hours there dying of thirst and lonely as hell. I felt like I was in an interrogation room, random people coming in to ask me questions. I hated it.

So, that might be the last time I ever throw a party. I went home and pretty much died on the couch, later returning to my room. I might never drink again, at least not that much. Being drunk is fun, but the confusion that I went through while the police arrested me was NOT fun at all. So, I had a huge mess to clean up and I still don't know who the girl I had sex with was. Damn.

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