Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Life is Busy

My life seriously has too many things happening at once, trying to fill viewers in on my life is difficult at times. It's been cool the last couple of days, nothing particularly interesting happened except certain conversations with certain girls.

Last March it all began, I dated one girl which ended up with me dating 2 girls and it kept adding up. The total was four or five but it really doesn't matter. I suppose I was doing it for some need of love or some mumbly-bumbly stuff like that. Back to the present, I recently told all these said girls the truth and well... it actually went quite well. I'm obviously not going to use names, but the girls were generally understanding, except for one who just whined a lot.

We've also been having a fair share of family problems. A few days ago I heard a message on the home phone from the hospital concerning my Grandma. She's been in the hospital rather frequently through the past year which was disturbing enough. No one ever filled me on any details, until today. My mom was in tears when she explained that Grandma would die and we will see her (probably the last time) tomorrow. Oddly enough, and don't judge me but, I don't feel anything about it at all. This has bothered me a lot, I would think that if death ever occurred in my family (Never happened in my life) then I'd be sad. I honestly don't feel bad, I don't feel happy either but still... life is life.

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