Wednesday, August 18, 2010

First Draft CH1 is hot off the blog!

Yes its true, I finally finished the first real Chapter. I intended it as a pilot chapter, to kind of test the waters of my writing style and other features.

Beyond that I'd like to formerly thank my readers.
You guys are the greatest.

I haven't really been doing much, school is basically done for me now and I don't have work. So I sit here with nothing to do. I would of finished Chapter One yesterday but Anna and I got into another argument, as always she was furious and I was completely calm; adding to her anger. Anyways, I basically established a new rule for my writing "A happy Chris writes a lot better than an unhappy Chris."

Now, I wanted to focus on some of your guy's comments, and yes I actually DO read them. I just don't like to reply in the comments box, I'll either do it by actually contacting you privately or respond through these blog posts.

So, I want to thank Ryan for noticing some formating issues when I copy my chapter from Word. The text for all the dialogue was an entire size smaller, making it very annoying to read. I'm surprised he even continued to read it.

I'd also like to thank both Nathan for noticing how I edited the story to be less whiny. Yes, I originally wrote the story with a lot of concerns and that made it seem whiny. Since then I've gotten better, and revised it. Ben is not a depressed silly like I am, and will probably never be. This story has evolved far beyond my own life story, and I think that's really good.

Also, Blogger has a new stats feature which I think is really cool. I get to see all the stats for my blog. For instance I can see where people are viewing my blog from, and it is surprising. Now I have 120 views from Canada, and 50 from the US (Probably Ryan). But surprisingly I also have 4 from Latvia, 3 from Russia, and 1 from Germany, Denmark, and Ireland. WOW. So my blog reaches out everywhere. That. Is. So. COOL. (Ps. Where is Latvia?)

I can also see the browser used. Most commonly IE and Google Chrome. I also have some from obscure ones like Opera, and a Java browser. Also oddly, only 4 views are from Firefox. I guess Google Chrome won.

All these stats are from May 2010 to August 2010 BTW.

I can also see where people come from other than directly coming here. Such as the Blogger front page, and Google Search itself. Apparently someone found my blog by searching "Job interview at Leon's". WOW

Also no one viewed my blog from May to June. T_T. But don't worry views have been INCREASING A LOT. 80 -90 between the past two months.

My most viewed blog post? This One. But I still don't know who my mystery follower is.

Also my new blog. TheMuseandTheMusic. Has more view potential already than this blog.
Most viewed post was the Character Bios.
Since I began a little under a week ago, there have been 70 page views!
My blog here has been the MAIN referral site, so thank you all =)
Also, views are higher in the US than in Canada lulz.

If any of you guys have a blog, I suggest you try the new Blogger in Draft. It has the stats page, and also a TON of new features.

Tally-ho! Till next time!


  1. Your welcome, I like where your going with your story and your overall attitude in the past couple weeks is so much better. :D

    I check your blog a couple times a day in Chrome waiting to see a new blog post.

  2. k first latvia is sandwiched between mother russia and the baltic sea... they make good cheese.

    i view your blog a few times an evening. this is often better than TV.