Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Two posts in one day? OMFG

I decided to write another post for a few reasons. One, I got my responses back for Ch1 and I wanted to talk about it. Two, there is really nothing for me to do; time moves by so slowly. Three, I feel good dununununununun.

So, that aside my first piece of news is about my freshly released First Draft Chapter 1. I am so surprised, and SO pleased to say that all went well! I got word back from my pre-readers and barely anything was knocked on. Just some clarity issues. Also, a good point came from Nathan that the characters don't really have faces. Its true, I've been shying away from character descriptions. But, I really should try harder to give them faces.

This first draft has turned out so well that I am forced to delay a second draft until after I complete Part I. There just simply isn't enough that needs to be changed yet. After a few chapters I'm sure we'll find more to add, remove, edit.

Besides writing today I've been fairly focused on video games. I'm really getting bored with games, I really feel like I should have something else to do. I searched through steam today trying to find something I might want to play on PC. After hours of searching, I found Splinter Cell; all my life I've heard about it from Lyndsey, and others but I never played it. Then I realized I had the Conviction demo on my Xbox. I played it and I must say, it is REALLY awesome.

Other than that, all I have to really say is. I really need to go outside.

OH YEAH, I completely forgot but about a month ago I got a credit card, Yay! Now I can pay for things above $100!

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