Friday, August 13, 2010

These Titles are so Random.

Alright, so I was at a staff meeting yesterday, and it lasted til' about midnight again so I didn't have time to write a new post. The staff meeting itself was more interesting than the last, we learned about Clarks shoes; and I myself won a voucher for a free pair of shoes!

In other news, I worked today even though you can hardly call it work; today I got into even more arguments with Anna. Not particularly happy with that however I did end up figuring out that she thinks my story is complete bologna and not based on fact at all. I found myself oddly not caring at all, she never really gave an interest in my life and because of that her opinion doesn't matter in the least.

However, speaking of my story I wrote and posted the first draft of the prologue of my story to TheMuseandtheMusic. On the way back home from work the first chapter just came to me, and I rushed home and immediately began to write.

I politely suggest you readers to mosey on over there and comment on that chapter. I really want some suggestions, as the second draft will be made with reader input. So GO!

Short post today, I have work again tomorrow so I'll write when I get home. Catch ya later!

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