Sunday, August 8, 2010

A story unfolds.

Although I may be at the current moment far from being truly "happy", everyday I feel a lot more better, a lot more content. I learned about Anna's "fanfiction", truth be told I've always avoided reading fanfictions, this will be the same. I'm not saying that I don't like it, far from that. I love her story, the characters, the concept and the overall flow. Its just that everytime I read something I go into a super anal editor mode, and criticize the hell out of it. From what she's told me its a beautiful story, one which actually has quite a few fans. After she told me about her story, well she pushed me for my own.

I may of been reluctant to tell her, as the story is basically a shot of my own life; but she actually seemed interested. Now I don't have any manuscripts or anything of the sort so I read her the spiel about the stars. Was it really that good? She seemed so into it, constantly wanting more. Ironically I simply read certain choice paragraphs from this blog, and she seemed even more intrigued.

For the first time ever in the nearly 7 months this blog has ran, I've started to see a response from my own readers. All from this excerpt. It had inspired an old friend of mine, Nathan; the excerpt had got him thinking himself about the stars. Spreading from it, he also updated his own blog; which doesn't happen often. He's never really been open about these kinds of things, and for something that I wrote to break a rule like that, is superb. I'm throughly pleased with myself.

All of this has made me really consider, should my life really hit the print? People have told me countless times how my life is like a drama, maybe its time I did something about it. My main worry is, would anyone read it? Haha, a sappy love drama thing would hardly be popular I'd presume.

I had just gotten word back from Ryan, not douche Ryan, but desciple Ryan. Confused yet? Anyways, the guy thinks like me so his opinion really does matter; but then again his opinion is about as blunt and cruel as my own haha. I guess its my fault but still, its not bad. I've decided to take it slow work on it bit by bit. This story is my own life, but I can't just make it exactly a clone of my life. Somethings need to change, the main character needs to have more guy friends for one.

Alright! I've decided. I'm going to write my story. A main character plan and maybe a first chapter will be in the works. If anyone wants to pre-read. Shoot me up an email. **

For now PEACE.
Rock on.

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