Thursday, August 19, 2010

Mind is shutting down.

First thing I want to say before we start, apparently 5 of you think I'm a pedophile if I say hello; so don't expect me to talk to anyone anymore... just kidding. The most interesting part I found was that 7 of you voted, so I blame it on people who cheated and voted more than once or Google spy robots.

Next Chapter 2 is going to be a little delayed because my mind has been recently melting for no reason. I honestly can't remember much anymore, it all seems so hazy. I can barely remember living at my parents, living with Anna. When I will my mind to think of something it just seems to melt and give me nothing. So, while I have an outline ready for Chapter 2, I don't expect it to come out at the rate I've been doing them. I however will at least TRY to get it out by the end of Sunday.

Another note, I'd like to thank you guys for leaving comments; I love them. I too am happy that I'm in a better mood these days when writing. Although I'm still kind of gloom and doom when I'm by myself. Also, saying that my life is often better than TV is a really nice complement. Thank you.

Hopefully work refreshes my mind, since I'm going back tomorrow.
Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm getting a bunch of other problems too, all which started today. I'm barely hungry, I ordered a pizza and 10 wings today. I ate 3 slices and 6 wings only, since I got it at noon. So like 1 slice and 2 wings a meal. Wow. Also I'm tired constantly, like unbelievably tired; but I can't sleep. I do get my 8 hours but I can't sleep. It should also tie in with this, I also managed to lose nearly all the muscle mass I had on myself; and now don't have the energy to do anything.

Lets hope for a miracle. It seems like all I'm doing these days is hoping.
Maybe its time to consider that University really wasn't in my reach this year... and plan for next year.
Or maybe, I'll try a new approach and hope my 'luck' pulls me through.

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  1. Maybe you're just a pedophile? =D

    End of Sunday sounds good because least I can read and comment it before I leave as I told you.

    I find a routine helps me think clearly. When I go back to school I feel like I'll be in my "main routine" because I do all school year. I don't know what you need, but I hope it works out for you.