Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's coming next?

Hey everyone, so its been a couple of days; that obviously means I wasn't too happy about something. Yes, its true. See, I made the call to the university but the very nice lady there told me that no matter what the case I would not be accepted if my grades did not meet the median. Keeping that in mind, I basically just gave up on life. I felt that whatever I did I just wasn't good enough. So I didn't go even try my diploma exam, or even go to work. To add to that I even had to dislocate my shoulder to reduce some inflammation.

Now though? I'm just bloody confused. I got an email yesterday saying that my transcript was sent to the University. I thought "This is the end". Today, being curious and all I checked the site; nothing changed except that my BSc application was now listed as "Completed" and my BA Psych didn't change at all. Beyond that my residence application had just been assigned a room. Either this is all for real, or some greater force wants to rip the last shred of hope from me. Either way, I'm going to cling on for dear life. Lets see just how fucking lucky I am.

I've never revealed my actual High School grades to you guys before, but I will now just to let you know; and to let myself know. The five courses used for my application... and the grades I achieved: English 30-1 (57% D+), Math Pure 30 (59% D+), Social Studies 30-1 (78% B+), Comm-Tech (73% B), and Physics 30 (FAILED). So basically with a required median grade of acceptance at 79% it is basically impossible for me to enter. Oh and another humiliating secret? Because I failed Physics 30, I don't have my high school diploma.

Lets hope for the best, but I'd rather talk about something else. Lets see... I'm happy the direction this blog is moving in; I actually logged on today and found ANOTHER follower! Big news for me that someone else finds my life interesting. My day to day life that is. I keep forgetting this is supposed to be a recent life blog not a history lesson. Now I know a few people that periodically read this blog, but for someone to actually make an account and follow this.. WOW.

So its made me think of reworking my blog; this blog is going to be what it was originally made to be. My day to day journal, like a diary almost except not so girly (Maybe). Blogger allows me to make more than one blog, so I think I will. I'll make another for arts, so any kind of artistic things I want to post goes there. This will include my story, and the songs I previously recorded but had no where to place.

Speaking of the story, the story has hit the point where I will begin writing the prelude, or even the first chapter. My main characters are set, there are six characters two of them won't even be in the first few chapters. Its going to focus on the first few years of high school; basically the most interesting part of my life. And... if any of you actually want to know what ACTUALLY happened in MY life not in the character's life... then ask. The main character's name is Ben. Easy to remember, easy to forget. The character is also not going to be a split image of me, not at all. He is going to be the way the reader envisions him. I don't honestly feel like describing a character down to the pore anyways; it may be a character design flaw but hell. I don't know how to write, and if you don't like it.. buzz off.

I'm going to edit this blog after I post my first story post. It's going to be the plan of my main characters; I'm going to try to keep spoilers out but I want to post it for you guys so you can criticize me. If you hate the names, tell me but give me a suggestion. I won't be including last names for NOW. But I will also write the first name of who inspired that character. Hope you made the cut to be a main character... xP.

*EDIT* Here's the link and yes I enjoy long names.

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  1. Ahh, cheer up buddy! Things will work out some way or another. I read your blog themuseandthemusic and liked it, keep up the good work!